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Time has come for the European Parliament to tackle conflicts of interest

After almost four years since the European Parliament’s code of conduct was updated in the wake of a scandal, it is clear that it still lacks clarity, fails to provide appropriate limitations on MEPs’ second jobs and is only very weakly enforced, writes Paul de Clerck.
French MEP Rachida Dati (EPP), rapporteur on the report about preventing radicalisation

MEPs want to make internet companies liable for radical content online

The European Parliament voted yesterday (25 November) in favour of a report that calls for criminal charges against online firms if they do not remove material from their websites that promote terrorism.

Czech Republic told it must share the migration burden

Although the Czech Republic is not a direct target of large movement of migrants from Syria and other political unstable countries, foreign politicians are telling the government of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka that it should take part of the burden. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.
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EU Elections 2014 13-10-2014

French and Austrian MEPs earn the most from external activities

Transparency International has published statistics on declarations of financial interests made by the 751 Members of the European Parliament. The Parliament's centre and right wing are the highest earners. EURACTIV France reports