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Euro & Finance 18-05-2016

Spanish elections delay potential budget deficit fines

The European Commission today (18 May) decided to delay potential fines against Madrid and Portugal for failing to meet their budget deficit targets, partly becuase of the upcoming Spanish elections on 26 June.

Spanish PM hit by new corruption allegations

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy may take a pounding from fresh corruption allegations against his centre-right People's Party but the government is strong enough to ride the storm, analysts and sources say.
EU Priorities 2020 04-02-2013

Hollande: Conditions ‘not there yet’ for EU budget deal

President François Hollande said yesterday (3 February) that France was keen to agree the European Union's 2014-2020 budget at a summit in Brussels later this week, but there was still much work to be done.
Elections 31-01-2013

Secret payments scandal weighs on Spanish PM Rajoy

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Spain's ruling People's Party denied today (31 January) that the party passed payments from business donors secretly to the premier and other party leaders after a newspaper published what it said were unofficial party accounts.
Euro & Finance 15-11-2012

Brussels eases grip on Spanish austerity amid social unrest

Spain has taken effective action to address its budget deficits in 2012 and 2013, Brussels said, signalling there will be no further escalation of disciplinary budget steps against Madrid, where anti-austerity marches turned violent yesterday (14 November).
Euro & Finance 02-10-2012

Germany tells Spain to hold off bailout request

Spain is ready to request a eurozone bailout for its public finances as early as next weekend but Germany has signalled that it should hold off, European officials said yesterday (1 October).
Euro & Finance 29-08-2012

Flurry of high-level meetings marks start of EU political season

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy interrupted his holiday in Seville yesterday (28 August) to visit Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Madrid, while Commission President José Manuel Barroso received Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. A flurry of other upcoming meetings marks the beginning of a heated season.
Euro & Finance 23-07-2012

Only a political suicide or national unity government can save Spain and the euro

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, his voters are being bled dry on all sides. At the same time, an impatient EU is piling on the pressure to inflict even more pain at speed. It is a difficult balancing act for Rajoy, who needs his voters to believe that he has their best interests at heart under relentless pressure from the markets and the EU, writes Andy Langenkamp.
Euro & Finance 11-06-2012

Spain joins ‘the Group of Debt’

Madrid has secured €100 billion to rescue its banks in an attempt to pre-empt the threat of a bank run if the debt crisis in another troubled country, Greece, flares again. But angry Spaniards accused Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of ill-timed triumphalism and an inappropriate trip to Poland to watch Spain compete in the Euro 2012. 
Future EU 29-05-2012

EU core countries to hold crisis mini-summit

The leaders of France, Germany, Spain and Italy will meet in Rome after the June Greek election to discuss the eurozone crisis, the Italian press reports, as talk of Greece leaving the single currency gain momentum.