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Climate change 05-09-2007

Parliament wants more money and an ‘EU force’ for natural disasters

Members of the European Parliament criticised the Commission's 'inertia' in establishing a European force capable of reacting immediately to emergencies and called for "concrete proposals". They also want financial assistance to be made more easily available in the light of the UK floods and Greek fires over the summer.
Climate change 27-08-2007

Member states to help fight Greek forest fires

EU countries are sending fire-fighting aircraft to Greece to battle the raging blazes that have killed more than 60 people.
Climate change 02-08-2007

EU eyes fire-fighting service as blazes rage across Europe

The EU is considering setting up a permanent rapid reaction force to deal with the blazing forest fires that are raging throughout Southern Europe, as national fire-fighting resources are stretched to the limit.
Security 28-08-2006

Italy and France provide bulk of Lebanon force

The EU will be the backbone of the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon. EU nations have pledged almost 7,000 troops.
Security 20-05-2003

Defence ministers: EU force still hamstrung by ‘recognised shortfalls’

Germany, France and Italy urged the easing of the EU's tough public spending rules, and Berlin pledged an additional 1,000 troops to an EU Rapid Reaction Force at the EU defence ministers' meeting on 19 May.
Security 20-11-2002

NATO and EU planning separate response forces

On eve of NATO's Prague summit, questions abound around the relationship between the alliance's proposed cutting-edge rapid-reaction force and Europe's plan to set up a rapid deployment force of its own.
Security 19-11-2002

NATO bracing for expansion and reforms at Prague summit

At their Prague summit on 21-22 November, the 19 Member States of NATO intend to invite seven eastern European countries to join. They are also expected to make commitments and define timeframes for providing specific new military capabilities.
Security 24-09-2002

New US defence doctrine puzzles European allies

The Bush administration's new National Security Strategy is perceived as an attempt to maintain the US military hegemony by Washington's European allies.
Security 20-09-2002

First EU peace mission postponed because of Turkey’s blockage

NATO will have to extend its peace operation in Macedonia up to December because Turkey is still blocking the EU-NATO deal, needed for the EU to take over the NATO-led operation.
Security 26-07-2002

EU troops in Macedonia no longer needed?

The Macedonian Foreign Minister, Slobodan Casule, has stated that Macedonia no longer needs the European Union peace-keeping troops.
Security 25-07-2002

Belgium proposes mutual security guarantees for EU members

Belgium's Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, has proposed that the EU establishes military headquarters and prepares for collective response in case of a large-scale terrorist attack.
Security 11-07-2002

More Bang for our Bucks

More Bang for our Bucks Are Europeans serious about defence, or do they intend to remain dependent on the US? A few months ago, the German ministry of defence had to lease transport planes from Russia and Ukraine to get...
Security 05-07-2002

EU Support: Policing the Bosnian Police

EU Support: Policing the Bosnian Police The EU is preparing to take over the UN police mission in Bosnia in January, and it’s not going to be an easy job. Police taking home only a few hundred dollars a month....
Security 24-06-2002

Greek-Turkish dispute continues blocking EU military force

At the Seville Summit, the EU, Greece and Turkey failed to reach an agreement on co-operation between NATO and the planned European military force.
Security 19-06-2002

Seville Summit: Future EU army will fight terrorism

The EU is expected to adopt a declaration at the Seville Summit, opening the way for the participation of the future European army in fighting terrorism.
Security 17-05-2002

New Defence Agenda set up to discuss NATO-EU co-operation

The New Defence Agenda was set up by Forum Europe in Brussels on 17 May to serve as a platform for discussing NATO and EU defence and security policies.
Security 16-05-2002

EU military operation in Macedonia in doubt

The ongoing Greek-Turkish dispute over the EU-Nato defence agreement could endanger the first EU military operation, planned to take place in Macedonia in September.
Security 13-05-2002

EU defence plans blocked ahead of meeting with NATO

EU Foreign and Defence Ministers are meeting in Brussels on 14 May to discuss progress on creating a Rapid Reaction Force. Greece is blocking plans on EU-NATO defence co-operation because of its concerns over Turkey's influence on EU defence policy, and no agreement is likely before the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Rejkyavik on 14-15 May.

Greece continues to oppose Turkish participation in EU defence policy

The Greek government has announced that Greece will continue blocking any proposals allowing non-member Turkey to have a say in EU defence policy.
Security 11-04-2002

Parliament adopts resolution on EU security and defence

The European Parliament adopted a resolution that supports the decisions to set up an EU police mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the first EU peace-keeping mission in Macedonia.
Security 25-03-2002

EU prepares to take over peace-keeping mission in Macedonia

The defence ministers of the 15 EU Member States discussed preparations for taking over the command of the international peace-keeping force in Macedonia later this year.
Security 13-03-2002

Greece ready to discuss EU-NATO cooperation on European defence

The Greek Foreign Minister, Tassos Yannitsis, stated on 12 March that Athens was ready to discuss its reservations regarding the EU Rapid Reaction Force with the Spanish Presidency.

Spanish Presidency plans to boost EU security policy

The Spanish Presidency intends to give a boost to the European Security and Defence Policy as a means to increase Europe's presence on the international stage. The Spanish Prime Minister, José María Aznar said that fight against terrorism should become one of the policy's objectives.
Security 11-12-2001

EU defence force under threat

Greece has blocked the agreement between EU diplomats and Turkey on European rapid reaction force. The agreement, negotiated by British, Dutch and American diplomats, would give the EU access to NATO's military equipment and planning capabilities.