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Global Europe 07-04-2021

Polls close in Greenland election closely watched by global mining industry

Voting stations closed in Greenland on Tuesday evening (6 April) in a snap election that could unseat the ruling party and help decide the fate of vast deposits of rare earth metals that international companies want to exploit.
Batteries 02-07-2019

Europe takes on China’s global dominance of rare earth metals

A new industry association was launched in Brussels last week with the aim of bringing together all the players in the supply chain of rare earth metals, which are vital to renewable and low-carbon technologies.
Circular economy 20-11-2018

EU’s Sefcovic: Real risk that ‘raw materials become the new oil’

Europeans have to be “very vigilant” that today’s dependency on imported oil and gas is not replaced by dependency on lithium, cobalt, copper and other raw materials that industries need for the green transition, Maroš Šefčovič told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Development Policy 15-02-2013

EU’s soft power in Congo toothless on ‘conflict minerals’

Congolese rebels are plundering the country’s natural resources to finance guns and materiel, but the EU remains powerless to compel companies to disclose whether they are buying vital minerals supplied by armed groups in Congo and other conflict states.

China plans tighter controls of rare earth sector

China will abide by the outcome of an ongoing World Trade Organisation (WTO) investigation into its policies for the rare earths sector, but will continue to tighten regulation of the industry, an industry ministry spokesman said today (25 July).
Transport 13-07-2012

Cleaner aviation depends on supplies of dirty materials

SPECIAL REPORT / From the flight deck to the wheel brakes, new generations of aircraft that produce far less pollution increasingly rely on imported raw materials which are themselves dirty to produce. EURACTIV reports from the Farnborough International Airshow.

China sets up group to ‘clean up’ rare earth industry

China has established a rare earth industry association, state media reported, in a move to speed up consolidation of its sprawling industry that has drawn fire for what overseas trade partners call unfair export quotas.
Trade & Society 14-03-2012

EU, Japan, US open WTO row with China over rare earths

Europe yesterday (13 March) challenged China in the World Trade Organization over its export restrictions on raw materials, simultaneously launching proceedings with the US and Japan for the first time.

Rare-earth shortage to hamper clean energy: EU study

Looming shortages of metals that are in high demand and dominated by a single supplier – China – threaten Europe’s goals for cleaner transport and sustainable energy, says a new study prepared for the European Commission.