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Circular economy 14-06-2021

Rare earth metals at the heart of China’s rivalry with US, Europe

What if China were to cut off the United States and Europe from access to rare minerals that are essential to electric vehicles, wind turbines and drones?

EU to launch raw materials industry alliance

The European Commission will announce the launch of a new industry alliance this week, with a view to building a complete EU supply chain for raw materials like lithium, which are seen as critical for the bloc’s digital and green transitions.
Circular economy 18-11-2019

Breaking new ground: The EU’s push for raw materials sovereignty

A new pro-mining investment policy, more free trade deals, and an incoming "geopolitical" European Commission signals the EU will stake more claim on critical raw materials.
Circular economy 14-11-2019

China in focus as West debates critical minerals challenge

Western powers will attend talks in Brussels next week on curbing China's dominance of rare earths and other critical resources and EU officials will present their vision to create entire green supply chains.
Batteries 02-07-2019

Europe takes on China’s global dominance of rare earth metals

A new industry association was launched in Brussels last week with the aim of bringing together all the players in the supply chain of rare earth metals, which are vital to renewable and low-carbon technologies.
Circular economy 13-11-2018

Researcher: ‘The greatest bottlenecks can be expected for lithium and cobalt’

As excitement builds about the opportunities of the new green economy, concerns are growing as well. The economic transition will require new grid infrastructure, new distribution models and, perhaps most importantly, more raw materials, says Kornelis Blok.
Circular economy 12-11-2018

Raw power

Vanadium, borate, bismuth, gallium – they may sound like planets from a science fiction movie, but in fact they are some of the most critical elements of the European Union’s economy.  
Circular economy 12-11-2018

Metals in the circular economy

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Metals are essential components in the manufacturing of smart phones, electric car batteries and other green technologies. In this special report, EURACTIV looks at how the EU's circular economy strategy can help secure Europe's supply of critical raw materials in a sustainable way.
Trade & Society 19-07-2016

EU launches WTO action against China raw material export duties

The European Union on Tuesday (19 July) followed the United States to launch a new legal challenge at the World Trade Organization over duties and quotas China imposes on its raw materials exports.

Germany hopes to ‘beat China with CETA’ in race for raw materials

On many issues, the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada is caught in the crossfire. But if the agreement fails, Europe is likely to lose the race for economically essential raw materials, analysts in Germany and Canada predict. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Chinese envoy defends limits on rare earths

A top Chinese diplomat on Tuesday (19 March) defended his country’s efforts to curb exports of rare earth metals and other vital industrial raw materials to Europe, saying extensive mining had caused environmental problems.

Greenland rejects EU request to limit rare earths exports

Greenland's prime minister said on Monday (14 January) he has rejected requests from the European Union to block access to its deposits of rare earths, strategically important metals in which China has a near monopoly.
Global Europe 19-09-2012

EU, China leaders meet to test future cooperation

When EU and Chinese leaders meet on Thursday (20 September), they are expected to explore future cooperation amid tensions over the European Commission's investigation into allegations of dumping by China’s solar industry.

In Denmark, Hu Jintao sets eyes on Greenland’s minerals

Chinese President Hu Jintao's three-day visit to Denmark may ostensibly have been about signing billions worth of business deals, but a stake in Greenland's huge mineral wealth may have been the elephant in the room.

EU wins WTO battle against China over raw materials

China lost an appeal at the World Trade Organisation on Monday (30 January) in a case about its export restrictions of raw materials. The WTO's final ruling in the case was welcomed by the EU's trade chief and business leaders in Europe.

China appeals raw materials WTO case

China has appealed a World Trade Organisation ruling against its export policies on raw materials, the Ministry of Commerce said, in a move which could have implications for its rare earth exports.

China vows to appeal raw materials WTO case

China yesterday (24 August) vowed to appeal a recent World Trade Organisation ruling against its raw materials export policy, a case that could threaten Beijing's handling of rare earths.
Trade & Society 06-07-2011

WTO backs EU complaint against China’s mineral quotas

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled yesterday (5 July) that China's export restrictions on a series of key industrial minerals are not justified on environmental grounds and should be lifted.

Huge rare earth deposits found in Pacific: Japan experts

Vast deposits of rare earth minerals, crucial in making high-tech electronics products, have been found on the floor of the Pacific Ocean and can be readily extracted, Japanese scientists said yesterday (4 July).

EU says joint action needed on China rare earth curbs

Top industrialised nations need to act in concert to challenge China's curbs on rare earths exports and any restrictions by Beijing that could jeopardise manufacturing would be "deplorable", the EU's trade commissioner has said.

EU, US, Japan should cooperate on rare earth supply

Major rare earth-consuming countries should join forces to diversify their supply sources and develop substitutes for such materials, Keiichi Kawakami of the Japanese Ministry for Industry said yesterday (3 February).
Energy 11-01-2011

Scientist: World heading toward ‘energy imperialism’

With the world's population continuing to grow and demand for energy rising in emerging economies, the world will face a new energy and raw material imperialism, predicts Professor Friedbert Pflüger, director of the newly-founded European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS) at King's College, London.