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Economy & Jobs 05-06-2019

Global growth continues to weaken, World Bank report confirms

After the IMF and the OECD, the World Bank has also cut its 2019 growth forecasts. Uncertainties over trade and investment are at the root of this slowdown, which is also affecting the eurozone. EURACTIV France reports.
Brexit 16-08-2016

‘Brexit discount’ makes London property cheaper for some

Price cuts of nearly 20%, and a drop in the value of the pound have created "Brexit discount" bargains on some of the most expensive homes in central London -- if you have millions of pounds to spare.
Brexit 28-07-2016

Brexit shockwaves hit UK consumers, wages and construction

Shockwaves from Britain's vote to leave the European Union are reverberating through the economy with surveys published on Thursday (28 July) showing a sharp dive in consumer confidence and a slowdown in the construction sector.
Euro & Finance 22-07-2014

Schäuble: Central banks should help prevent asset bubbles

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble called on central banks to take into account price distortions that monetary policy could have on markets and help prevent asset bubbles, in an interview published on Monday.
Med & South 30-08-2013

Eurozone crisis threatens Southern Europe’s public goods

Crisis-hit southern countries are selling state-owned goods to reduce their budget deficits, with Spain mulling the privatisation of national heritage sites and Greece is under pressure to have historical buildings managed by a foreign holding company.