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Health 14-05-2014

Tackling age-related diseases through better prevention

In an attempt to address the challenges of ageing and demographic change in Europe, a group of MEPs has agreed to work together to bring disease prevention to the top of the European agenda on active and healthy ageing both at EU and national level.
Youth unemployment

Youth Guarantee ‘doesn’t bring quality jobs’

Even though youth unemployment has become a top priority for EU policy-makers, the quality of employment available for young people has been largely overlooked, according to the European Youth Forum. The 'any job is a good job' is turning into a new mantra, they say.
Elections 11-12-2013

Living in another EU member state shouldn’t cost you the right to vote

We are often told that in the European Union human rights, democracy and the rule of law are respected. Although this is generally true, anomalies do exist, one of which is the right to vote for EU citizens moving from their home country to another member state, writes Rebecca Taylor.