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Economy 20-10-2022

Structurally sk(r)ewed

As winter draws in and the EU struggles to find a solution for the impending economic crisis, it again comes up against an old enemy: its macroeconomic architecture.
Economy 20-10-2022

Social Partners push for EU action ahead of summit

The heads of the European trade unions and the European business associations urged EU leaders for more support to help workers and businesses to withstand high energy prices at a meeting on Wednesday (19 October).
Economy 27-09-2022

ECB boss Lagarde under fire from EU Parliament

Amid increasing inflation and a quickly tightening monetary policy, members of the European Parliament criticised the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, for the bank’s role in the fight against inflation, which some lawmakers called misguided and "behind the curve".
Economy 07-07-2022

Euro hovers near 20-year low on recession worries

The euro hovered near a two-decade low against the dollar on Thursday (7 July) as Europe's energy woes cast a long shadow over the economic outlook.
Economy 30-04-2020

First quarter results ‘officially’ herald French recession

The French economy is officially in recession as it shrunk by 5.8% in this year's first quarter due to the country's strict lockdown measures in place since mid-March, according to an initial estimate unveiled on Thursday (30 April) by France's National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). EURACTIV France and AFP report.
Economy 08-04-2020

Germany’s post-virus forecast better than expected, say top economists

Germany's five most important economic institutes insist an economic upturn is on the horizon, as part of their biannual spring forecast published on Wednesday (8 April). EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economic governance 12-09-2019

All signs point towards recession in Germany

The ifo Institute for Economic Research has lowered its forecast for Germany's economic growth for 2019 and 2020. Instead of the previously predicted 0.6%, the institute now expects a 0.5% growth rate for 2019. A potential hard Brexit and escalation of trade wars with the US were not taken into account. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economic governance 28-08-2019

Trade wars: Germany’s slide into recession

Germany is facing a recession, with business confidence plunging to levels not seen since the global economic crisis of 2009. As a result, calls for increased investment are growing louder – but possibly for the wrong reasons, EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 02-08-2018

Bank of England poised to raise rates in the face of Brexit risk

The Bank of England looks set to raise interest rates on Thursday (2 August) to their highest level since the financial crisis, defying warnings that it is taking a gamble ahead of Brexit, the terms of which remain unclear.
Global Europe 24-08-2016

Venezuela democracy under threat, EU parliament chief says

European Parliament President Martin Schulz warned on Tuesday (23 August) that Venezuela's democracy is "in danger", as it grapples with a severe political and economic crisis.
Euro & Finance 03-08-2016

UK recession more likely as services sector shrinks

Activity in Britain's crucial services sector sank in July following the vote to leave the EU, a survey by the research Markit group showed today (3 August), making a recession more likely.
Brexit 27-06-2016

Survey: One fifth of British businesses may move operations abroad

One fifth of British business leaders are considering moving operations abroad after the country's shock decision to leave the EU, according to a survey from a leading business lobby group.
Languages & Culture 01-07-2015

The Great Recession novel: David Machado’s Average Happiness Index

SPECIAL REPORT / Economic crises might not be ideal for funding newspapers, but they’ve always inspired great fiction.
Global Europe 19-01-2015

Beware Davos predictions, recent experience suggests

As the world's business and political elite ascends the Swiss Alps for an annual bout of crystal-ball gazing this week, history suggests the Davos pundits are likely to get plenty of things wrong.
Euro & Finance 14-08-2013

Finance Commissioner cautious as longest recession ends

The eurozone has exited its record 18 months of economic contraction as Eurostat GDP flash estimates recorded better than expected 0.3% growth in the currency area and in the wider European Union today (14 August).
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Economy 03-05-2013

EU unveils gloomy eurozone growth forecast

The eurozone economy will shrink more than expected this year, according to the European Commission which published its Spring Economic Forecast on Friday. The Commission's outlook also showed that 4 of the largest euro zone economies – France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands – will be in recession throughout 2013. Only Germany's economy will grow.

Spain’s population falls for first time since civil war

Spain's population fell last year for the first time since the 1940s as immigrants fled a five-year on-and-off recession that has sent unemployment soaring.
Euro & Finance 14-02-2013

Eurozone economy falls deeper into recession

The eurozone slipped deeper into recession in the last three months of 2012 after its largest economies, Germany and France, shrank markedly at the end of the year. It marked the currency bloc's first full year in which no quarter produced growth, extending back to 1995.
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EU unemployment hits peak ‘not seen in 20 years’, commission says

After five years of economic crisis and the return of a recession in 2012, unemployment is hitting peaks not seen for almost 20 years, according to a report by the European Commission published yesterday (8 January), which showed growing disparity between North and South Europe.

Unemployment hits peak ‘not seen in 20 years’, Commission says

After five years of economic crisis and the return of a recession in 2012, unemployment is hitting peaks not seen for almost 20 years, according to a report by the European Commission published yesterday (8 January), which showed growing disparity between North and South Europe.
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Economy 06-12-2012

EU promotes ‘youth guarantee’ scheme for the unemployed

The European Commission on Wednesday presented a proposal aimed at tackling youth unemployment across Europe. The new package includes the so-called "Youth guarantee". It is a tool that hopes to ensure that all youth under 25 receive a quality job, internship or education offer within four months of finishing school or becoming unemployed.
Brexit 17-08-2012

Economists see eurozone recession for 2012

The eurozone will slip into recession and won't grow until 2013, according a poll of economists who also don't expect any new aggressive policy response from the European Central Bank.
Euro & Finance 16-08-2012

New Serbian government ensnared in economic problems

Serbia’s three-week-old government is already entangled in the country’s difficult economic situation, with early moves such as diminishing the independence of the country's National Bank has raising concern in international circles, EURACTIV Serbia reports.
Euro & Finance 13-08-2012

German economy cools, raising concerns about eurozone

Three years into the eurozone debt crisis, the gravity-defying German economy has stalled and some fear it could fall into recession in the second half of this year.