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Agrifood 21-01-2022

Agrifood Brief: Mirror, mirror – or a wall?

How to make trade the fairest of them all? That was the big theme of the French EU presidency, under which agricultural minister Julien Denormandie made his debut as chair of the agriculture and fisheries (AGRIFISH) Council this week. The...
Agrifood 27-11-2020

Mercosur agreement seduces Spain’s industry, disturbs farmers

The principle of the EU-Mercosur deal has raised mixed feelings in Spain. While the food industry highlights the newly available options for the sector, farmers are showing reluctance towards the deal. EURACTIV's partner Efeagro reports.
Economy & Jobs 02-06-2017

EU, China stumble into uncharted closer trade relationship

Just hours after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, the EU and China tried on Friday (2 June) to find common ground to ease trade tensions that have divided them in recent months.
Trade & Society 13-05-2016

EU-Canada summit hangs in doubt, CETA fate uncertain

EXCLUSIVE / Bulgaria and Romania find it very difficult to ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada which was concluded in 2014, because of the refusal by Ottawa to lift the visa requirement for their nationals, and propose the accord to be postponed.
Development Policy 04-05-2016

Cracks appear in EU-ACP unity at Cotonou meeting in Dakar

Dissent was heard at the high-level meeting in Dakar last week of the EU and the 79-member states of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group.
Trade & Society 14-04-2016

Romania will veto the EU-Canada trade deal

EXCLUSIVE/ Romania will not ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada which was concluded in 2014, as an angry reaction to the refusal by Ottawa to lift the visa requirement of its nationals, but also for the lack of EU solidarity for solving the issue.
Trade & Society 11-04-2016

CETA ratification hangs in doubt over visa-free travel dispute

The ratification of CETA, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade agreement, hangs in doubt due to the refusal of Canada to introduce reciprocity with EU countries on visa policy, by lifting the visa requirement for Bulgarians and Romanians.

Legal wrangling looms over EU plan to suspend visa-free travel

A mechanism allowing the suspension of visa-free travel for third countries was adopted by the European Parliament last week, but controversial legal issues remain over the increasing problem of 'fake' asylum-seekers, often Roma from the Western Balkan countries.
Trade & Society 28-09-2012

Trade ‘reciprocity’ is key battlefield for European industry

SPECIAL REPORT / EU plans to introduce new trade reciprocity rules that could block foreign companies from European contracts will prove a key battleground as member states prepare to debate a new industrial policy initiative next month.
Technology 04-05-2012

Trade ‘reciprocity’ dominates discreet EU-China talks

National security and trade ‘reciprocity’ concerns – particularly in the ICT sector – were key topics addressed at a high-level EU-China meeting on Thursday (3 May).
Elections 06-04-2012

Sarkozy’s ‘letter to the French’ has little new for the EU

Nicolas Sarkozy’s “letter to the French”, unveiled yesterday (5 April), contained no major new ideas on European matters, limiting itself largely to repeating already-announced proposals on  Schengen and ‘reciprocity’ in trade.  EURACTIV France reports.
Trade & Society 21-03-2012

Brussels seeks ‘reciprocity’ in trade deals

The European Union could block non-EU companies from bidding for government contracts if European firms continue to struggle to win public tenders abroad, the European Commission said today (21 March), in a move that could sharply escalate trade tensions.