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Agrifood 08-03-2019

Hogan: No risk of re-nationalising the next CAP

Although member states will play a greater role in the future EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), it will not lose its 'Common' dimension as the Commission will continue to watch over the implementation of national plans, Commissioner Phil Hogan told EURACTIV.com in an interview.

ECAS: National administrations ‘lack EU spirit’

A “negative attitude” and a “lack of EU spirit” for solving issues such as issuing residence permits and claiming pensions was decried by representatives of the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) at a public event on Wednesday (12 April).

EU climate laws ‘cost paper recyclers 40% of their profits’

EXCLUSIVE/ EU climate legislation robs paper recyclers of at least 40% of their profits, the equivalent of at least one billion euros of lost potential investment in the green economy, a European paper industry chief has said.
Future EU 12-09-2016

Restoring a Europe built on values for its youth

EXCLUSIVE / The Brexit vote has highlighted the need to restore the values that founded Europe in order to combat the rise of nationalism, populism and anti-European sentiment, writes Jacques Delors.

Pedro de Sampaio Nunes: We must scrap excessive legislation

“Structural reforms can give our economies a competitive advantage,” Eureka head Pedro de Sampaio Nunes said during the 2015 European Business Summit in Brussels.

Commission wants to vet changes to draft EU law

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission will call on MEPs and national governments to commit to its drive for better regulation, and submit substantial changes to bills to scrutiny by experts, according to a leaked draft of its strategy to cut red tape.
Trade & Society 26-03-2015

Berlin pledges to cut red tape with ‘bureaucracy brake’

Germany’s federal cabinet has signed off on a so-called “bureaucracy brake” in an effort to cut red tape for business, something European Commission special advisor, and former Bavarian leader Edmund Stoiber, has been promoting for years. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Former chairman of the EU's High Level Working Group on Administrative Burdens, Edmund Stoiber. [EC]

Edmund Stoiber: ‘I have changed the EU’

Former Bavarian leader Edmund Stoiber was the EU's "Mr Red Tape", retiring after seven years of trying to reduce bureaucracy in the bloc. Before presenting his final report, he spoke of a "change of consciousness" in Brussels and called on member states to do their share to cut excessive regulation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Brexit 26-09-2014

Juncker rejects UK push for independent scrutiny of EU laws

EXCLUSIVE: The new European Commission has rejected the UK Government's call to set up an independent body to scrutinise EU regulation and impact assessments before and after legislative proposals are adopted by the executive.
Bernadette Ségol, general secretary of the ETUC. [ETUC CES/Flickr]

MEPs, make Juncker keep his promises

Jean-Claude Juncker was elected European Commission president on the basis of a social, even hopeful ten-point plan for Europe. Now, MEPs bear the responsibility to hold him into account on these promises, writes Bernadette Ségol.
Ludwig Forrest and Gerry Salole

No European philanthropic union just yet

Member states’ tax regimes hinder cross-border philanthropy in Europe, write Gerry Salole and Ludwig Forrest.
David Lidington, UK minister for Europe [Foreign and Commonwealth Office/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 14-05-2014

UK puts business at top of next Commission’s priorities

SPECIAL REPORT / The UK’s Europe minister outlined his country’s expectations for the next EU executive, arguing the digital economy and business must come first in the fight against the economic and social crisis.
Brexit 25-10-2013

Cameron stages ‘cut red tape’ stunt at EU summit

During his press conference following the EU summit, which ended today (25 October), UK Prime Minister David Cameron focused on a British initiative to cut red tape in the Union, snubbing the other issues reflected in the conclusions, such as the economic and monetary union or the migration crisis.
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Economy & Jobs 25-10-2013

Commission proposes standard VAT declaration for EU companies

The European Commission presented on Wednesday a new proposal to standarise VAT return for business and companies across Europe. Aiming at slashing red-tape for businesses, ease tax compliance and make tax administrations across the Union more efficient, this new regulation can cut costs for EU businesses by up to €15 billion a year, according to the EU's executive.
Euro & Finance 25-10-2013

Commission proposed standard VAT return

Algirdas Šemeta, the European commissioner in charge of taxation, has proposed a uniform VAT return, in a move to simplify EU law.

Barroso is sacrificing environment law for short-term political gain

Masqueraded as a move to cut red tape for business, the European Commission's 'Refit - Fit for Growth' scheme appears to have environmental regulation firmly in its sights, write authors from three European environmental protection organisations.
Development Policy 12-03-2013

Red tape in the crosshairs as EU targets global WTO deal

The European Commission is pushing to secure a World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement that would cut red tape in trade and increase worldwide income by over €30 billion. Two thirds of this would go to developing countries.

EU ministers’ efforts to cut red tape slammed

Measures adopted by EU business ministers last week to slash red tape for micro-entities were slammed this week from two sides: MEPs said they did not go far enough, whilst accountants complained they were too far-reaching.
Brexit 11-04-2011

EU countries slap red-tape back on micro-entities

Measures designed to slash bureaucracy for micro-entreprises are set to be drastically diluted by EU countries after national governments blocked the proposals, fearing that they would make them less competitive as business locations.

EU slow to deliver on promise to cut paperwork

The European Commission recently said it was "on track to exceed its target of cutting red tape by 25% by 2012". But businesses shouldn't get their hopes up.

Researcher: We want less EU red tape

Almost 7,000 researchers from 41 countries have signed a petition demanding less red tape for EU-funded scientists. Olivier Küttel, co-founder of the Trust Researchers campaign, tells EURACTIV why Europe's funding programmes must be streamlined if they are to be effective.

Scientists unite against EU paperwork

Almost 7,000 researchers from 41 countries have signed a petition demanding less red tape for EU-funded scientific cooperation programmes. Olivier Küttel, co-founder of the Trust Researchers campaign, says Europe's funding programmes must be streamlined if they are to be effective.
Brexit 11-03-2010

Small firms slam ‘deceptive’ EU accounting plans

EU plans to exempt smallest firms from having to draw up annual accounts came under fire from a leading European small business group yesterday (10 March), claiming it will distort the internal market without cutting red tape. 
Brexit 09-02-2010

Czechs accused of flouting EU ‘anti-red tape’ rules

The Czech Republic is defying Brussels' drive to cut red tape for small firms, according to business associations who accuse Prague of systematically abandoning impact assessments for new regulations. EURACTIV.cz reports on how the Czechs risk breaching the EU's Small Business Act.