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Non-discrimination 02-09-2021

Why Orbán’s ‘child protection referendum’ makes no sense, and why it does

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's controversial referendum about the so-called "Child Protection Act", which triggered infringement procedures by the European Commission over its measures targeting the LGBTQ+ community, may not be legally sound but makes considerable political sense, writes Zoltán Kovács.
Brexit 06-05-2016

UK’s ‘Super Thursday’ – a one-fingered salute to all the party leaders

The main result of the UK’s Super Thursday election is that every party leader lost, writes Denis MacShane, Britain's former minister for Europe.
Global Europe 11-04-2016

Why we should ban referenda on EU policies

IIt is hardly democratic that 30% of voters in one member state can block a policy approved by 27 member states, writes Fraser Cameron.
Brexit 12-11-2015

British citizens must stand up for the EU

Cameron’s EU renegotiation may be too little too late for the Eurosceptics. The rise of their "Out" campaign threatens the livelihoods and social protection of thousands of UK citizens, writes Jude Kirton-Darling. 
Brexit 05-11-2015

Why a win isn’t enough for David Cameron

The Brexit referendum will not be a simple win/lose equation. A slim victory for the 'remain' side will not be enough to lay the issue to rest, writes Tom Clarkson. 
Brexit 27-10-2015

‘Enthusiasm gap’ could make difference in Brexit referendum

For Romania and the rest of Eastern Europe, a Brexit would be extremely damaging. But as long as the 'Remain' campaign lacks enthusiasm, this is a real threat, writes Alina Bârg?oanu.
Euro & Finance 14-07-2015

The 12 July agreement puts Greece on a slippery slope towards right-wing extremism

The latest Greek bailout deal comes with harsh and humiliating conditions that will push anti-austerity voters into the arms of the extreme right Golden Dawn party, argues Pavlos Vasilopoulos. 
Euro & Finance 07-07-2015

Voters in eurozone countries remain open to a compromise with Greece

Greece's creditors claim that they are acting on a mandate from the EU's citizens by refusing to be flexible. But public opinion in the union is not so hostile argue Michael Bechtel, Kirk Bansak, Jens Hainmueller and Yotam Margalit. 
Euro & Finance 01-07-2015

The EU and Greece: Exiting the IMF era, not the euro

The end of the EU aid programme to Greece on 30 June, and the organisation of a Greek referendum on 5 July, raise the prospect of ending the “IMF - Europe” era, writes Yves Bertoncini
EU Priorities 2020 22-05-2013

Time to shake off the gloom: Europe matters

Critics like to depict the European Union as undemocratic and unpopular, but their arguments are too often based on myths and misunderstandings. This does us all a disservice, and in this period of uncertainty about the future of Europe it is more important than ever that we have a firm grasp of the issues at stake, writes John McCormick.
Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron speech: Still protesting Britain’s European innocence

Ideally, Britain wants a European-wide free trade area without the supranational institutional apparatus, something it proposed during the 1950s. Yet, unless the euro implodes, that's not the future of the EU, say Dr Michael J. Geary and Kevin A. Lees.
Brexit 24-01-2013

Cameron’s gamble

David Cameron’s promise of an in/out referendum leaves europhiles in Britain with a choice of two unattractive alternatives: a detached ‘outer lane’ vision of Britain’s place in Europe, or leaving the EU altogether, writes Mark Dawson.

EU should take note of Ukraine’s new referendum law

A law was recently adopted in Ukraine allowing constitutional change by referendum. The law should be carefully welcomed by the EU, argues Bruno Vandecasteele.
Euro & Finance 30-08-2012

Will a new German constitution save the euro?

On 12 September Germany's constitutional court will issue a preliminary verdict on the European Stability Mechanism and the fiscal compact. Whatever the court does, the debate about a new, pro-European constitution will hot up this autumn. But do not be fooled: Germany is still a very long way from agreeing to eurobonds, says Katinka Barysch.
Brexit 17-08-2012

Britain, Europe and referendums

Europe is the key to the future of the coalition government in Britain. Unless the current tendency to pander to the eurosceptic right is abandoned, the Liberal Democrats will be inevitably driven into a future coalition with a Labour Party that has declined to commit political suicide by heading too far to the left, writes Tom Spencer.
Elections 09-07-2012

Romania: Balancing two hatreds

The fall of communism may have given Romanians the right to vote freely but, so far, their vote has been fuelled by hatred more than reason, writes Ovidiu Nahoi. With President Basescu facing an approval referendum, history seems to be repeating itself, he says.
Future EU 20-05-2008

Green Light from the Emerald Isle? Questions and Answers about Ireland

"A 'no' in the Irish referendum would simply be a catastrophe for Europe," argue Dominik Hierlemann and Christian Heydecker of the Bertelsmann Stiftung.
Future EU 05-02-2008

Bad omens loom over Irish referendum

Despite strong pro-European sentiment in Ireland, the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty scheduled for May or June this year should not be considered a safe bet, claims Hugo Brady in an analysis for the Centre for European Reform (CER), recalling the Irish public's rejection of the Nice Treaty in 2001.
Future EU 31-05-2005

Commentary – Bolkestein: Now, roll back Brussels!

A day before the referendum in his home country, the outspoken former Dutch EU Commissioner for competition, Frits Bolkestein, offers a cure to the ills of the European construction.
Future EU 29-04-2005

A French ‘no’: looming crisis for Europe?

Even if a French 'no' could in part be explained by domestic political issues, some part of the 'no' vote will indeed be reflecting concern at the current perceived political and economic development of the EU, argues Kirsty Hughes, writer and commentator on European and international affairs.
Future EU 17-05-2004

And what if they do not buy it? – Reflections on how to win the constitutional referenda and consequ

The author looks forward to the time period which follows the agreement on the Constitution and considers the complexity of the ensuing ratification process.
Enlargement 23-09-2003

Latvia: Saying ‘I Do’ to Europe

The last of nine countries to hold a referendum on joining the European Union voted decisively pro-Europe. Ethnic Russians who didn't get to vote are appealing the results.
Enlargement 16-09-2003

Estonia: Seven Down, One to Go

Surprise drop in Russian minority's support for EU entry puts a blot on resounding victory for the 'Yes' camp.
Euro & Finance 15-09-2003

The Swedish Referendum “NO”: A setback and warning

The article reflects on the legal implications of the euro referendum in Sweden and its effect on the UK and Denmark, the countries still to stage a referendum on joining the common European currency.