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  • Less than half of Latvians support EU membership

    Enlargement 04-08-2003

    Could Latvia spoil this year's unbroken string of successful European Union referendums?

  • Poland: From Celebration to Survival Mode

    Enlargement 18-06-2003

    Poland's Prime Minister Leszek Miller survives another confidence vote within days of the EU referendum.

  • Why Europe needs referenda

    Future EU 18-06-2003

    The analysis argues that the EU faces a legitimacy crisis which could be resolved by allowing all EU citizens to vote on matters affecting their future.

  • Czech Republic: Yes Beyond a Doubt

    Enlargement 17-06-2003

    There can be little doubt about the Czechs' support for EU membership after 77.3 percent vote in favor, but the president refuses to say which way he voted.

  • Poland, the key actor of enlargement

    Future EU 03-06-2003

    The polls predict a strong victory of the Yes camp in the Polish referendum on EU membership, but there is growing incertitude concerning the turnout which has to surpass 50 per cent for the referendum to be valid.

  • EU accession: sentiment ranges between confidence and uncertainty

    Climate change 18-04-2003

    All the potential new members will conduct a referendum on accession. Depending on the country, the referenda are either more or less "public opinion surveys" or binding on parliament. In most cases, the citizens of these countries see EU membership in a positive light.

  • The case for a Europe-wide referendum

    Future EU 02-10-2002

    The case for a Europe-wide referendum It is time for pro-Europeans to face up to the uncomfortable truth that the EU has a serious legitimacy problem. The anti-Europeans' most persuasive claim is that the EU is an elite project over which …

  • Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest Discuss EU Referendums

    Enlargement 11-09-2002

    Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest Discuss EU Referendums The prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary met last week in the Polish mountain resort of Krynica to discuss a preparatory strategy for coordinating EU-entry referendums. The meeting was held only a week after Hungarian officials …

  • Hungary: EU Referendum Takes Clearer Shape

    Enlargement 05-09-2002

    Hungary: EU Referendum Takes Clearer Shape Legal experts say Hungary should have a referendum on EU accession, while the country's pro- and anti-EU politicians come out in support of a poll. Hungary took another step this week toward becoming the first applicant country to hold …

  • Europe’s future is in Ireland’s hands

    Future EU 20-06-2002

    Europe's future is in Ireland's hands This autumn the newly elected Irish government faces the major challenge of holding a referendum on the Nice treaty. The point of that document, agreed in December 2000, is to change the EU's institutions so …