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Future EU 05-10-2010

González warns against cheating Turkey

Felipe González, chairman of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, warned yesterday (4 October) that the EU should honour commitments made to Turkey, which ten years ago was given the prospect of European Union membership.
EU Priorities 2020 22-06-2010

‘Wise man’ calls for EU strategic planning body

A permanent body dealing with long-term thinking and strategic planning must be created within the EU institutions, Žiga Turk, secretary-general of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, told EURACTIV in an interview.
EU Priorities 2020 10-05-2010

Life is a Mystery: The González Reflection Group

"The [González Reflection Group] report is unlikely to form a bridge across the gap between the European Union and its citizens," writes Lars Hoffmann, an assistant to a reflection group member, in an exclusive op-ed sent to EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 07-05-2010

‘Wise men’ warn EU of gradual decline into irrelevance

The EU must choose between becoming either a global "agent of change" or preparing "for a managed decline into irrelevance," according to a report from the group of 'wise men' led by senior statesman Felipe González, seen by EURACTIV.
EU Priorities 2020 29-04-2010

Details emerge of EU’s ‘wise men’ group report

With a 9 May deadline fast approaching for the EU's 'group of wise men' to submit its report on the challenges facing Europe until 2030, EURACTIV has gained an insight into the team's secretive work over the past 18 months.