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Future EU 25-03-2007

Constitutional Treaty: the ‘reflection period’ [Archived]

After the rejection of the EU Constitutional Treaty in France and the Netherlands in late spring 2005, a "period of reflection" on the future of Europe was launched to reconnect the citizens with the European project and to decide the fate of the Constitution. In January 2007, the German Presidency declared the reflection period was over, still its outcome is uncertain.  
Future EU 06-12-2006

Finland ratifies EU Constitution

EU presidency holder Finland has sent out a positive signal for the European constitutional project by ratifying the treaty with an overwhelming majority.
Future EU 23-11-2006

Wallström defends substance of the Constitution

Margot Wallström presented her ‘best arguments’ for rescuing the Constitution in front of the Parliament on 22 November 2006 and called for a ‘second chance’ despite member state’s disenchantment.
Public Affairs 19-10-2006

Analysis: Calming down: The EU recovers in a period of reflection

This study is published by Barbara Lippert and Timo Goosmann of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) in Berlin within the framework of EU-CONSENT, a “Network of Excellence”.
Central Europe 27-06-2006

Analysis: “Absorption capacity” – a fallacious concept?

Frank Vibert (Director of the European Policy Forum) argues that the debate on the EU's "absorption capacity" is in fact "a diversion" from the real challenges facing Europe today.
Enlargement 23-06-2006

Vanhanen makes enlargement main theme of Finnish presidency

Finnish Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen has said enlargement, the efficiency of EU institutions and progress on the constitution were the key questions for the Finnish term at the helm of the EU. 
Future EU 19-06-2006

EU summit: Extension of reflection period makes headlines

Press commentators agree that the decision to postpone the final verdict on the shipwrecked EU Constitution until end 2008 is the biggest news having come out of the summit.
Future EU 16-06-2006

EU cements ‘absorption capacity’ as the new stumbling block to enlargement

EU leaders brought in more transparency for future Council meetings and sealed 'absorption' as the new rhetoric joker on enlargement at the EU Summit.
Future EU 16-06-2006

EU leaders agree to keep on reflecting

Bowing to the inevitable, EU leaders at the summit have agreed to prolong the 'reflection period'. The final deadline for leaving the constitutional impasse will be the end of 2008.
Future EU 15-06-2006

Summit: EU leaders in reflection mode

EU leaders will meet in Brussels to confront some of the main challenges the EU is facing. While it is expected that the "reflection period" on the future of Europe will be extended, the most notable outcome will probably be the opening of Council sessions to the public.
Future EU 09-06-2006

EU needs a constitution, Polish citizens say

Despite reluctance of Polish political elites to discuss the fate of the EU Constitutional Treaty, public opinion in Poland is clearly in favour of a constitutional text, a recent survey shows. 
Future EU 09-06-2006

Analysis: The Future of the EU Constitution – a strategy for Poland

Poland should prepare for the discussions about the future of the Constitutional Treaty (CT) that will take place after the reflection period, it is argued in the common paper the Institute of Public Affairs (ISP) and the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM).
Future EU 30-05-2006

EU legitimacy crisis: Problem of democracy, delivery or perception?

Since the rejection of the EU Constitution in France and the Netherlands, the questions that are being frequently asked are: “What went wrong?” and “How can we set things straight?” Diagnoses and possible remedies were debated during a recent Franco-German event on the future of Europe.
Future EU 29-05-2006

Analysis: The European Constitutional Crisis and the Strategy of Patience

In this article of the Quarterly „Integration“ of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP), Daniel Göler and Mathias Jopp take systematic look at the proposed initiatives to solve the constitutional crisis.