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Global Europe 09-05-2022

Palestine refugee agency could ‘implode’, UN warns

The collapse of the international agency responsible for Palestinian refugees due to chronic underfunding by UN countries could lead to unpredictable consequences in an already unstable region, experts and officials warn.
Global Europe 06-05-2022

Russia must return over 400 stolen airplanes, MEPs demand

The European Parliament passed on Thursday (5 May) a resolution on the impact of the Russian aggression on the transport and tourism sector, which calls on Russia to return over 400 airplanes leased from foreign companies it has stolen.
Global Europe 02-05-2022

Palestinians warn against plans to weaken their UN agency

A proposal by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees to delegate some services to other United Nations agencies has sparked outrage among Palestinians, who have warned of a plot to "dismantle" the body.
Health 27-04-2022

Ukrainians face rape, trafficking risk while those in Poland cannot access abortion

Ukrainian women fleeing the war are at risk of sexual violence, rape, and trafficking and those who are pregnant as a result cannot get an abortion in Poland due to one of Europe's strictest anti-abortion laws.
Europe's East 22-04-2022

Warsaw mayor asks for more support, EU coordination on Ukraine refugees

The international community and Poland's government need to coordinate better and provide more support directly to local governments and charities helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Warsaw's mayor said on Thursday (21 April).
Economy & Jobs 20-04-2022

Germany’s big scramble for Ukrainian workers

The growing shortage of skilled labour may soon threaten productivity in Germany, and Europe's biggest economy is now scrambling to make the most of well-trained Ukrainian refugees as Russia's war on Ukraine enters its third month

UK’s €150 million asylum deal with Rwanda set for legal challenge

The UK on Thursday (14 April) unveiled an agreement with Rwanda that will see them send thousands of asylum seekers to the East African country to have their applications processed, but the controversial deal is likely to spark legal challenges.
Non-discrimination 14-04-2022

Faced with discrimination, Ukrainian Roma refugees are going home

After facing discrimination and being denied humanitarian aid in Hungary, many Roma refugees fleeing Ukraine head back to their war-torn country to reunite with their families, despite the risks, activists say.
Media 14-04-2022

Germany pledges €1 million for media workers affected by war in Ukraine

The German government has pledged €1 million to support Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian exiled media and journalists who have become refugees due to Russia's war in Ukraine. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Health 13-04-2022

Tuberculosis patients in Ukraine at risk, some refugee groups to be tested

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put tuberculosis (TB) patients inside the country at high risk due to the lack of access to treatment, while countries receiving refugees have been advised to screen and test certain groups. 
Politics 31-03-2022

Ukrainian mayors ask where NGO aid has gone, call for organisation

The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, asked where money donated to NGOs has gone during an address to the working group on Ukraine of the European Committee of Regions (CoR) on Wednesday (30 March).
Europe's East 25-03-2022

UN: Over 6.5 million Ukrainians displaced after one month of war

More than 6.5 million people are currently displaced inside Ukraine while 3.7 million have fled the country since the Russian invasion started one month ago, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Friday (25 March).
Agrifood 25-03-2022

EU food supply will remain secure, but less accessible for Europe’s poorest

Food supply is not at stake in the EU despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, but soaring food prices may mean low-income households struggle to access it, according to the European Commission’s new communication on food security.
Europe's East 24-03-2022

Commission’s actions for supporting countries receiving Ukrainian refugees

The European Commission presented on Wednesday (23 March) its actions to support member states in meeting the needs of those fleeing war in Ukraine. 
Global Europe 23-03-2022

Zelenskyy sees hope in ‘confrontational’ Russia talks

Talks between Ukraine and Russia are confrontational but moving forward, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Wednesday (23 March), as the West plans to announce more sanctions against the Kremlin amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.
Health 16-03-2022

Health Brief: Welcome to the ‘supermarket’

In western Poland, a humanitarian centre for Ukraine is open 24/7. A French association travelled from Paris to bring dozens of donations to this place that everyone here calls the "supermarket".
Global Europe 13-03-2022

Migrant crisis continues in Mediterranean, dozens of women and children dead

With all eyes on the influx of millions of Ukrainian refugees into Eastern Europe and beyond, the crisis in the Mediterranean is also continuing with 100 saved and dozens of women and babies drowned over the last few days.
Europe's East 07-03-2022

France and Britain trade barbs over treatment of Ukraine refugees in Calais

France and Britain engaged in a diplomatic spat on Sunday (6 March) over the treatment of Ukrainian refugees stuck in the French port of Calais, with UK Interior Minister Priti Patel defending Britain's actions after earlier criticism from France.
Europe's East 04-03-2022

EU ministers activated temporary protection directive for Ukrainians

EU ministers unanimously agreed to offer temporary protection to refugees fleeing Ukraine during a meeting on Thursday (4 March), as a million have left the country.
Cities & regions 03-03-2022

EU regional catch-up cohesion funds to be rerouted to help Ukrainian refugees

As the war in Ukraine rages on, Europe braces for an unprecedented wave of refugees. European regions are expected to play a crucial role by leveraging their interconnectedness and the EU’s regional cohesion funds.
Europe's East 03-03-2022

One million refugees left Ukraine, UN raises $1.5 billion

Following seven days of the war in Ukraine, one million refugees have fled to neighbouring countries and to help those fleeing and staying, $1.5 billion was pledged for humanitarian support on Tuesday (1 March).

EU countries set to drop barriers for Ukraine refugees

The European Commission has proposed that those fleeing the war in Ukraine should be granted “temporary protection” in the EU, while border checks should be simplified. EU interior ministers will decide on the matter on Thursday.
Technology 01-03-2022

European telecoms mobilise free services for Ukrainian refugees

European telecom companies have voluntarily taken measures to relieve the humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing Russian invasion. The measures include free international calls to Ukraine, the distribution of SIM cards to refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, and free Wi-Fi...

EU ministers seek solutions as Ukraine humanitarian crisis looms

EU home affairs ministers have put off a decision on whether to grant temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees amid what threatens to become the “largest humanitarian crisis” in Europe in recent times.