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Economy & Jobs 10-03-2021

Study: Coordination key to getting EU aid into regions during pandemic

Local authorities have had to rely on European aid distributed via the cohesion fund to maintain public services during the pandemic, but this process has not always worked smoothly, a study released on Wednesday (March 10) says. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Competition 11-02-2014

MEPs join forces to raise EU state aid limit on regional airports

A group of lawmakers has called on the European Commission to raise the state aid threshold for regional airports, arguing they are “vital” to the local economy and create “thousands of direct and indirect jobs”. But green campaigners disagree entirely and back what they describe as a “balanced” set of rules.
Transport 04-12-2013

Revised EU state aid rules ‘could lead to closure of 100 small airports’

Regional stakeholders from all over Europe are pressing the European Commission to show more flexibility over new guidelines on state aid for airports and airlines, warning these could have “damaging consequences” for local economies.
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Economy & Jobs 10-09-2013

EU unfreezes regional aid funding for Hungary

Hungary won access today (9 September) to €2 billion in frozen EU development funds after convincing Brussels its management of projects met European standards. Johannes Hahn, the EU's head of regional policy, told the Hungarian prime minister's chief of staff János Lázár he was satisfied Budapest was correcting the errors in Hungary's management that prompted Brussels to suspend aid in January - in part over how project engineers were being chosen.
Regional Policy 10-09-2013

EU unfreezes regional aid funding for Hungary

Hungary won access today (9 September) to €2 billion in frozen EU development funds after convincing Brussels its management of projects met European standards.
Regional Policy 03-07-2012

Loss of funds for Europe’s outermost regions ‘unacceptable’

Leaders from Europe’s Outermost Regions have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Commission's new strategy which slashes their funding in half.
Regional Policy 27-01-2012

Danish presidency scolded for neglecting EU regional policy

As negotiations over the EU’s 2014-2020 budget move forward, the Danish EU presidency is being criticised in Parliament for paying little attention to regional policy in Europe's future financial framework.
Regional Policy 04-01-2011

German MEP ‘reinvents’ regional policy funds

MEP Michael Theurer, the German liberals' spokesman on regional issues in the European Parliament, is demanding an urgent reworking of structural and cohesion funds. EURACTIV Germany reports.  
Regional Policy 16-06-2010

Regions in Ireland, Spain receive EU funds to fight jobs crisis

The European Parliament yesterday (15 June) approved EU Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGAF) aid for regions in Ireland and Spain, two of the EU countries hit hardest by the global recession. The funding should be seen as a "hand-up, not a hand-out," MEPs said.
Regional Policy 12-03-2010

Air France, Ryanair in spat over aid to local airports

The French company said it has filed a complaint with the European Commission against Ryanair for allegedly receiving millions of euros in illegal subsidies in exchange for using regional airports in France. 
Regional Policy 25-02-2010

SME group wants EU regional funding scheme ‘redesigned’

An organisation representing small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Europe wants a rethink of EU funding for regional projects to make them more accessible to small firms.
Regional Policy 19-01-2010

Survey reveals lack of coordination in regional recovery plans

While almost all regional authorities introduced measures to combat the crisis-led recession, there was little coordination, leading some to feel they were isolated, a survey of EU regions and cities found in late 2009.

Structural Funds get Lisbon make-over

Member states and regions will have to use their Structural Funds for more investment in innovation-related projects.
Regional Policy 13-04-2006

German government says it knows best what is good for growth

German economy minister Michael Glos challenges the Commission's powers to define which kinds of investments are relevant to the EU's Jobs and Growth strategy.
Economy & Jobs 23-01-2006

EU aid to French suburbs scaled down

The €1bn in regional aid that the Commission said could eventually be reallocated to help troubled French 'banlieues' will in fact amount to a maximum of €100m, according to Le Monde.
Future EU 18-07-2003

Controversial expert report upsets several Commissioners

A high-level expert group delivered a study on 17 July proposing the re-nationalisation of the CAP and regional funding, while introducing more flexibility into the EU's budgetary policy.
Enlargement 26-09-2001

Germany and Sweden largest net contributors to EU budget

The EU budget still generates major net financial transfers to the four cohesion countries - Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain - according to a Commission report on the allocation of EU expenditure in 2000.
Enlargement 26-07-2001

EU border regions receive aid to prepare for enlargement

The European Commission proposed an action plan for regions bordering on candidate countries to help them prepare for enlargement. Twenty-three regions in Austria, Finland, Germany and Greece will receive 245 million euro in enlargement aid.

Commissioners welcome UK report on EU humanitarian aid

The Commission responded to the critical UK Parliamentary Committee report on the EU's humanitarian aid programmes.

EU Aid policy under fire

The EU's aid policy has come under heavy fire from a UK parliamentary report.
Enlargement 27-01-2000

Commission proposes new agriculture funding rules for candidates

The European Commission adopted a communication on the financial management of the new agricultural pre-accession instrument SAPARD.