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Economy & Jobs 01-06-2018

New cohesion policy is ‘as good as it gets’, Commission insists

The EU's new regional policy is a “balanced, simpler and ambitious” proposal, the best that could have ever been achieved under the current conditions, Commissioner Corina Crețu told Members of the European Parliament on Thursday (May 31).
Regional Policy 15-03-2016

Turkey blackmails Bulgarian municipalities over the Armenian genocide

Three Bulgarian municipalities will not receive EU funding under the cross-border cooperation programs between Bulgaria and Turkey. The reason is that Turkey bans partnerships with municipalities who recognise the Armenian genocide.
Regional Policy 15-10-2015

Regions ask for EU assistance to tackle refugee crisis

The European regions mostly hit by the unfolding refugee crisis have asked more help from Brussels in order to deliver their “humane” and “technical” goals. EURACTIV Greece reports.   
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

Austria endorses Commissioner Hahn for second term

The Austrian government will nominate Johannes Hahn, the current Regional Policy Commissioner, for a new term in Brussels, Vienna announced yesterday (1 July).
Regional Policy 04-02-2013

Northern Ireland peace fund faces EU budget uncertainty

Despite the recent sectarian violence that saw dozens of policemen injured in Northern Ireland, the EU programme for peace and reconciliation in the region could be in jeopardy, senior Irish representatives have told EURACTIV.
Regional Policy 03-07-2012

Loss of funds for Europe’s outermost regions ‘unacceptable’

Leaders from Europe’s Outermost Regions have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Commission's new strategy which slashes their funding in half.
Central Europe 16-03-2012

Orbán begs for EU, IMF help

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán took a conciliatory tone with the Commission in an effort to obtain "precautionary" financing, just a week after he called "extremely stupid" a move by the EU executive to freeze regional funding as a sanction for his country's budget deficit.