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Economy & Jobs 20-04-2022

CoR President: Regions must be involved in crisis response

The EU must shrink the gap between its institutions and regional actors to respond to contemporary crises and challenges effectively, Apostolos Tzitzikostas told EURACTIV Slovakia.
Economy & Jobs 19-10-2018

Regions call for inclusive budget after 2020, maritime co-operations at stake

Europe's regions are in urgent need of concrete measures to boost their local economy and their European dimension, stakeholders highlighted during the General Assembly of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) in Madeira, Portugal on Thursday (October 18).
Economy & Jobs 12-10-2018

EU citizens need a Europe that’s closer to them, says former US ambassador

EU citizens want more Europe, but they want a Europe that works, a former US ambassador to the EU told the closing ceremony of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018 in Brussels on Thursday (October 11). Europe’s comparative...
Economy & Jobs 10-10-2018

Portugal dominates RegioStars Awards with innovation, culture projects

Portugal was the big winner of the RegioStars awards 2018 in Brussels, a project promoting regional innovation, cohesion and culture in the EU, with two awards for its innovation in sustainable industrial technologies and the promotion of cultural heritage.
Economy & Jobs 26-07-2018

Germany expects 20% less from EU structural funds after 2020

In the next EU budget period, Germany is set to receive around 20% less funding from the EU’s structural funds. Instead, more regions will be entitled to funds. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Economy & Jobs 23-07-2018

Marini: Rules on public expenditure will be the real challenge for Cohesion

Dangers of backsliding can already be identified in the European Commission’s proposal for Cohesion Policy in the next seven-year EU budget, warns the Committee of the Regions’ Catiuscia Marini. But she says the aim is to reach a framework agreement on resources and rules before the current term expires.
Lambert Van Nistelrooij
Economy & Jobs 14-05-2018

MEP Van Nistelrooij: Cohesion is still a cornerstone, despite cuts

With €375 billion in the new budget, cohesion remains a cornerstone of EU policies and the proposed cuts will be compensated with increased national co-financing, said Dutch MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij (EPP). He also said he was in favour of keeping the decentralised approach of ESF and the current categorisation of the regions.
Regional Policy 04-06-2014

French territorial reform: bigger regions, greater EU influence

Territorial reforms announced by François Hollande should give French regions greater weight in European politics. They are currently struggling to compete with their counterparts in Germany, Italy and Spain. EURACTIV France reports.
Regional Policy 16-01-2013

Broadcaster of sexually explicit content selected for EU funding

A Bulgarian broadcaster of pop-folk music and videos with often shocking sexually explicit content was selected for a €1-million grant under the EU’s Competitiveness Operative Programme. An outpouring of criticism through social media compelled the Commission to ask the the Bulgarian authorities to open an investigation.
Regional Policy 05-11-2012

Hungary denounces planned cuts in its EU regional funds

The European Union risks undermining the credibility of its drive against national budget overshoots if it strips Hungary of structural funds as punishment for running an excessive deficit, a leader of the ruling Fidesz party said.
Regional Policy 16-07-2012

Baden-Württemberg to front rich region’s campaign for EU funds

Germany's Baden-Württemberg state has taken over the presidency of the ‘four motors’ of Europe, a network of advanced regions in France, Germany, Italy and Spain demanding a bigger slice of EU regional funding to support excellence. EURACTIV France reports.
Regional Policy 13-07-2012

EU kicks off negotiations over regional funding budget

EU institutions officially launched negotiations yesterday (12 July) on the amount of regional funding that will come under the bloc's next seven-year budget (2014-2020). Tough debates lie ahead, including whether to subsidise oil and gas distribution networks.
Regional Policy 11-07-2012

Parliament to vote on ‘new era’ regional funds

The European Parliament's regional committee is holding a vote today (11 July) on legislation that some MEPs say will bring cohesion funds into “a new era” and jump-start negotiations with member states over the EU's next budget for 2014-2020.
Regional Policy 01-03-2012

Economist: EU’s next budget asks for sacrifices

The EU's budget for the 2014-2020 period will have to change the way regional funds work, says Fabian Zuleeg of the European Policy Centre. The money that traditionally goes to poorer countries should be redirected for the time being to where it is really needed - the countries deeply hit by the economic crisis - keeping in mind the single goal of protecting the EU as a whole, he told EURACTIV in an interview.
Regional Policy 08-07-2011

Special Report: Policymakers jostle for EU regional funding

Policymakers in the EU institutions, national governments and regional authorities are fighting for control over Europe's future regional policy spending after the European Commission last week tabled budget plans for the post-2013 seven-year period. 
Central Europe 04-07-2011

Polish EU Presidency vows to rescue European project

The Polish EU Presidency is taking on the "exciting challenge" of countering a new wave of Euroscepticism and convincing other members of the Union that the European project is a "great thing", the country's prime minister, Donald Tusk, told a select group of Brussels journalists in Warsaw on 1 July.
Regional Policy 01-06-2011

French regions back status quo on EU funding

French regional leaders have urged EU policymakers to maintain cohesion funding at current levels or risk throwing Europe back into recession. 
Regional Policy 27-05-2011

MEPs back new category for ‘in-between’ regions

European Parliament members have endorsed the idea of dividing Europe's regions into three groups, according to their level of wealth, by adding a new category between the poorest and more prosperous regions. 
Regional Policy 18-01-2011

Eastern EU joins forces to shape regional spending

The 'new' member states in Central and Eastern Europe are working together to coordinate their views on the reform of the EU's Cohesion Policy for the next seven-year period (2014-2020). Daniel Braun, a deputy minister in the Czech government, spoke to EURACTIV Czech Republic about the fruits of this close collaboration.
Regional Policy 18-01-2011

Czech Minister: ‘Flexibility’ needed in EU regional spending

What are the most important aspects of EU cohesion policy from the perspective of a 'new' member state in Central Europe? EURACTIV Czech Republic interviewed Daniel Braun, a deputy minister in the Ministry for Regional Development, who described the main elements of the Czech government's position.
Regional Policy 13-12-2010

EU urges Greece to use aid funds to boost economy

The European Union on Friday (10 December) urged cash-strapped Greece to tap into available regional aid funds to help pull itself out of its debt crisis and return to growth.
Regional Policy 07-12-2010

EU regional policy budget will decline, says France

France believes that a reduction in funding for the EU's regional policy is inevitable, EURACTIV.fr has learned. However, Central European member states are strongly opposed to any decreases.
Regional Policy 05-11-2010

Regional funds: Tracking the ‘sleeping innovators’?

Many small businesses are innovating but lack the money and information to get their innovations to the market. Yet regional authorities could help to detect these "sleeping innovators," experts told a European Parliament hearing recently.
Regional Policy 26-10-2010

Commission predicts budget battle over EU regional funds

As the European Commission prepares to publish its ideas for the future of EU regional policy after 2013, the political debate on how much money will be available for the bloc's regional funds is already underway. EURACTIV France reports.