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Digital 11-05-2020

Commission study calls for ‘sanctions’ for online disinformation

A European Commission study on the effectiveness of the EU's code of practice against disinformation has criticised the self-regulatory nature of the framework, suggesting that "sanctions and redress mechanisms" should be put into place in order to ensure compliance with the rules.
Digital 15-04-2020

Regulation against fake news ‘very important,’ Reynders says

The European Parliament and Council should work with the Commission to consider how best to implement a potential legal clampdown on fake news online, the EU's Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders has said.
Digital 03-12-2019

Facebook renews calls for EU regulation in ‘fight for the soul of the internet’

An ideological 'fight' is tacking place worldwide between those who want to restrict open access to the internet and those who want to maintain a free and open web within necessary regulatory frameworks, Facebook's VP for Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, has said.
Digital 03-07-2019

Germany wants to fine Facebook over hate speech reporting

Social media platforms in Germany are obliged to report hate speech and other illegal content. Germany's Federal Office of Justice is expected to slap a €2 million fine on Facebook for reporting only a fraction of such activity on its platform. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Digital 27-06-2019

‘Adverse impacts’ of Artificial Intelligence could pave way for regulation, EU report says

The EU should consider the need for new regulation to "ensure adequate protection from adverse impacts" in the field of Artificial Intelligence, a report published on Wednesday (26 June) by the Commission's High-Level Group on AI says.
Digital 24-06-2019

Clegg: Facebook to set up its own ‘court’ for content moderation

Facebook has plans to establish an independent oversight board "analogous to a court," that will have the power to make decisions on what content should be removed from the platform, the company's Head of Global Policy, Nick Clegg, announced on Monday (24 April).
Agrifood 23-06-2017

Soft drink makers back product reformulation as ‘healthier’ than taxation

Governments can steer consumers towards healthier choices by supporting the reformulation of food ingredients, rather than imposing "discriminatory" taxes, according to the soft drinks industry.
Trade & Society 27-04-2016

TTIP: Chevron lobbied for controversial legal right as ‘environmental deterrent’

Chevron lobbied the EU to give foreign investors the legal right to challenge government decisions in a major US-EU trade deal because it would act as a deterrent against laws such as fracking bans, the Guardian can reveal.
Euro & Finance 31-07-2015

Germany’s Schäuble wants to rebalance EU Commission’s role

Germany's finance minister wants to correct the balance between the European Commission's political role and its regulatory powers, reflecting concern in Berlin over the EU executive's neutrality as its political clout grows. 
Central Europe 09-02-2015

Commission fleshes out energy strategy for Southeast Europe

As energy ministers of eight countries from Southeast Europe meet in Sofia today (9 February) to discuss the countries’ needs and ambitions, a leaked paper has shed light on the European Commission’s plans to help the region overcome its various problems.

EU seeks to break barriers for qualified professionals

The European Commission yesterday (2 October) kicked off an evaluation of national regulations on access to qualified professions in an attempt to smooth out divisions between member states over the controversial issue.
Euro & Finance 26-10-2011

Commission defends suspension of credit ratings

The Commission yesterday (25 October) defended proposals to suspend the activity of ratings agencies when necessary, attracting severe criticism from the industry over the issue.
Euro & Finance 05-08-2011

Eurobarometer: support for stronger regulatory coordination

Europeans increasingly want stronger EU-wide cooperation to tackle the financial crisis according to the latest Eurobarometer – a snapshot of opinion across the continent gauged in May this year – although faith in the ability of institutions to combat the crisis is ebbing.

European anti-terror measures to follow Norway attacks

The EU is set to introduce stringent tests to regulate the manufacture and sale of fertilisers and other materials used to make home-made bombs in the wake of Anders Behring Breivik’s mass murder in Norway last week (22 July).
Health 17-06-2011

Anti-tobacco campaign heralds new regulations

The European Commission is set to widen the scope of cigarette-trading rules to cover potentially harmful electronic cigarettes, flavourings and even marketing strategies, as part of a wider campaign launched yesterday (16 June) to urge Europeans to quit.
Trade & Society 16-06-2011

Europe, US clash with Asia on commodities regulation

Sharp differences emerged between EU-US and Asian policymakers over whether to regulate commodities trading during a policy debate at a European Commission-hosted conference on raw materials, held on Tuesday (14 June) in Brussels.
Transport 06-05-2011

EU pushes for standardised rail IT booking system

The European Commission unveiled new rules on Thursday (5 May) intended to make it as easy for rail passengers to buy tickets and coordinate their travel plans as it is for air travellers.

Commission’s nano policy lost in definition

The European Commission's hesitance to define nanotechnology underscores diverging opinions among stakeholders and is causing uncertainty in the sector, it emerged this week.
Climate change 04-03-2011

Carbon trading disruptions continue as spot markets close

Bulgaria, Ireland and Norway will reopen their national emissions registries today but security doubts have led two carbon spot markets – Climex and APX-ENDEX – to close their operations for good.
Euro & Finance 04-01-2011

EU lets financial watchdogs off the leash

An array of new European financial supervisory bodies designed to monitor and avert future economic crises on the continent have opened their doors for business.
Brexit 12-10-2010

Barroso’s bid for ‘smart regulation’ yet to convince SMEs

The European Commission's latest attempt to take up the mantle of improving EU legislation was released in a paper last Friday (8 October), but critics say a failure to address flaws in impact assessment pinpointed by the European Court of Auditors shows that reforms are losing momentum.
Public Affairs 01-04-2010

British think-tank says EU rules cost too much

Complying with European Union rules cost each British household £4,912 (€5,537) over the past 11 years though it fell last year as a proportion of total regulation costs, a study showed this week (30 March).
Languages & Culture 18-11-2009

EU officials offered hotline for ‘clear writing’

The European Commission is seeking to kill off excessive legal speak by setting up a hotline that will give officials advice on how to write more clearly, it emerged at a conference in Brussels yesterday (17 November).
Brexit 23-10-2009

Brussels piles pressure on EU countries to slash red tape

The EU executive is turning the spotlight on European countries in its drive to cut red tape, effectively claiming that Brussels has kept its end of the bargain in reducing the burden on businesses.