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Digital 12-02-2016

Analogue rules in a digital world hampering progress

Fast growth in digital services is bringing enormous social and economic benefits to customers the world over. But market regulation must be adapted to the 21st century if this sector is to achieve its potential, writes Daniel Pataki. 
Euro & Finance 04-04-2013

Introduce precautionary principle for financial products, or they will fail us

Europe is in the process of re-formulating financial regulations and creating a new banking union, but new rules will give rise to new financial products, writes Suleika Reiners, and these may wriggle around the new rules. Financial innovations need to be tested and put to the precautionary principle no less than other aspects of society, she argues, and suggests that a new body could be set up to carry this out.
Energy 16-07-2012

High offshore safety standards in North Sea must not be risked

The European Commission’s intention to improve safety in offshore oil and gas across Europe by using the UK’s best practices should be welcomed. However, the form of legislation proposed would have the opposite effect and undo decades of established regulatory experience - putting the safety of workers at risk, writes Malcolm Webb, chief executive of Oil & Gas UK.
Health 31-05-2012

Building a single e-commerce market

The regulatory framework in Europe is still a barrier for growth for e-commerce, says Marc Lolivier.
Brexit 24-06-2009

Reforming financial regulation in Europe

The UK government's reaction to EU proposals on financial regulation will provide a "potential watershed moment" for UK-EU relations, argue Sir Brian Unwin, ex-president of the European Investment Bank, and Graham Bishop in a June report published by the London-based Federal Trust.
Brexit 05-12-2008

Concrete steps to EU financial oversight

"A quantum step needs to be taken to upgrade and adapt the structure of financial oversight in the EU," argues Karel Lannoo, the CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a December report.

Better Regulation in Germany and the EU – Time to see results

Germany and the EU have laid the institutional foundations for a successful reduction of bureaucracy, but more needs to be done, according to a recent Deutsche Bank research paper.

The US Supreme Court, greenhouse gas regulation and foreign policy

In an article for ASIL – the American Society of International Law – Cymie R. Payne reflects on the legal implications of a recent decision by the US Supreme Court, which directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider its refusal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
EU Priorities 2020 19-07-2007

Improving the quality of Commission proposals

The Commission’s impact assessment system for new proposals is failing to deliver, according to a study carried out by UK-based consultancy Evaluation Partnership and quoted by the European Policy Centre (EPC) in a new commentary.
Brexit 17-07-2007

Towards transatlantic trading floors

The European Commission should negotiate a mutual-recognition agreement with the US regarding transatlantic financial trading floors, writes Karel Lannoo, chief executive of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), in a July 2007 policy brief.
Public Affairs 16-05-2007

‘Better regulation: a regional perspective’

Progress on better regulation is urgent, as it is a crucial aspect of the drive to make Europe more competitive and boost economic growth, according to an European Policy Centre issue paper supported by the Scottish Executive, which further argues that the transposition and implementation of EU Directives is an essential part of this agenda.
Brexit 16-01-2007

MiFID: A regulatory doomsday?

Karel Lannoo, in a commentary written for the Centre of European Policy Studies (CEPS) think-tank, writes that although regulatory interference in financial services may appear costly, the overall benefits for consumers and the economy should not be underestimated.  
Climate change 17-10-2006

Analysis: The costs of EU environmental policies to business

A project carried out by a European consortium compared ex-ante and ex-post estimates of environmental regulation costs and offered a number of recommendations to improve their accuracy.
Digital 30-01-2006

Telecommunication regulatory institutional structures and responsibilities

This paper, prepared by the OECD,  provides an overview of the structure and responsibilities of telecommunications regulatory bodies.
Security 09-09-2003

The Convention, the draft Constitution and External Relations: Effects and Implications for the EU a

This article reviews the likely effects and implications of the draft EU Constitution on external relations.