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Technology 04-11-2016

Telecoms regulators fight back against Commission plan for new EU agency

A fresh fight is brewing over the European Commission's plans to turn a group of national telecoms regulators into a full-blown EU agency, with several top watchdogs saying the move will compromise their independence and give Brussels too much power.
Transport 10-06-2016

US regulator: Only an EU supervisor can stop another Dieselgate

Only a central European agency with the resources and power to test cars and trucks will prevent another Dieselgate scandal, the US Environmental Protection Agency director behind the enforcement system that snared Volkswagen has said.
Energy 11-05-2015

The energy conundrum in Bulgaria and Greece

Bulgaria and Greece are hard nuts to crack when it comes to implementing EU energy legislation and integrating with the wider European energy market. These two countries illustrate the difficulties of building an Energy Union.
Energy 14-04-2015

Ukraine crisis, anti-corruption drive, boost Romanian energy reform

Recent investigations of “smart guys” contracts have helped reduce corruption within the Romanian energy sector, and have accelerated the country’s market liberalisation, at a time when the Ukraine crisis has forced Bucharest to assume a more important role in region. EURACTIV Romania reports.
Energy 20-03-2015

Athens opposes EU energy strategy, blocks privatisations

The Syriza-led government will be against an Energy Union that undermines Greece's national interests, including in its relations with Russia, said Greek energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who also ruled out any privatisation schemes for the country’s energy sector.
Technology 28-02-2007

Reding and telecom regulators agree on ‘federalisation’

Shortly before the presentation of the Commission's proposal for a review of the regulatory framework for telecommunications, Commissioner Viviane Reding and the European Regulators Group (ERG) have declared their joint support for far-reaching structural reforms. 
Technology 13-12-2002

Liikanen: convergence and interoperability of web services must be user-centered

During a conference on 12 December, Commissioner Liikanen stated that convergence and interoperability of web services must be user-centered to benefit society.
Technology 04-12-2002

Telecom companies want broadband to happen in Europe

During two recent separate meetings, telecom industry players stated that a market-driven approach, together with a demand-oriented policy, will be the driving force for innovation and thus achievement of eEurope's objectives.