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Jens Stoltenberg [Arbeiderpartiet]
Security 27-03-2014

Norwegian ex-PM Stoltenberg tipped as next NATO chief

In the margins of the EU-US summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron has given his support to Jens Stoltenberg as next secretary general of the NATO defence alliance, securing the Norwegian’s lead to get the position.
Global Europe 20-03-2014

Crimea crisis gives NATO a lifeline

The result of Russia's seizure of Crimea from Ukraine, following its 2008 war with Georgia, could be a modest reversal of years of European defence cuts and a bigger US military presence in the NATO members of central and eastern Europe.
Global Europe 14-03-2014

EU shunned from US-Russia meeting on Ukraine

A high-ranking European Union diplomat regretted that no EU officials were invited to a London meeting today (14 March) between US State Secretary John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, described as a last-chance opportunity before Russia annexes the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.
Europe's East 28-02-2014

Crimea becomes the hot spot of Russia-Ukraine tensions

The United States told Russia to demonstrate that it was sincere about its promise not to intervene in Ukraine as armed men stormed the regional parliament in Crimea and hours later, in the morning of 28 February, others seized the airport in a mainly ethnic Russian region. 
Europe's East 20-02-2014

‘Truce’ in Kyiv as EU foreign ministers gather in Brussels

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said he reached an agreement with opposition leaders on a "truce" to halt the fighting that has so far killed 28 people. The United States has stepped up pressure by imposing travel bans on 20 senior Ukrainian officials and EU ministers gather in Brussels today (20 February) to discuss possible sanctions on Ukrainian officials.
Trade & Society 18-02-2014

Dutch academic: TTIP needed to save ‘crumbling’ transatlantic relationship

The EU and the US are motivated by similar goals in the ongoing bilateral trade talks, even on data protection, according to Peter van Ham, who says political momentum and time constraints will be the biggest challenges to concluding a transatlantic trade pact.
Technology 17-02-2014

Merkel and Hollande to lay foundation of ‘protected’ EU internet

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday (16 February) she would talk to French President François Hollande about building a European communication network to avoid emails and other data passing through the United States. The Commission welcomed the idea, saying that it went in the same direction with its own efforts on data protection.
Trade & Society 12-02-2014

Hollande to Obama: Let’s agree TTIP fast

French President François Hollande said yesterday (12 February) “speed is of the essence” for a European Union-US trade deal and that the accord would strengthen economic growth on both sides of the Atlantic.
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Europe's East 07-02-2014

EU press teases Commission over F-word

The European Commission refused to comment on the crude language about the EU used by top US diplomat Victoria Nuland, after a voice recording of her saying "F**k the EU" was published on YouTube.
Global Europe 07-02-2014

US envoy says ‘F**k the EU’ in leaked recording

Victoria Nuland, the United States' top diplomat for Europe and Eurasia, apologised yesterday (6 February) after a voice recording of her using crude language about the EU with the US ambassador to Kyiv was published on YouTube.

EU gives US six months to come clean on visa policy

EXCLUSIVE / The European Commission has told the United States to lift visa requirements on Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Croatia, whose citizens still need an entry permit to travel to the country.
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Europe's East 04-02-2014

Barroso plays down reports of large-scale aid for Ukraine

The European Union played down reports on Monday that it was working on a large aid package to help Ukraine through its economic crisis, saying it had no intention of getting into a bidding war with Moscow to buy Ukraine's loyalty.
Europe's East 04-02-2014

Russia, West say new Ukraine government is condition for aid

The United States and the European Union are in preliminary discussions on possible financial assistance for Ukraine once a new government is formed, a State Department spokeswoman said yesterday (3 February). Russian President Vladimir Putin has also said Moscow would wait until a new government was formed before releasing aid to Ukraine. 
Europe's East 03-02-2014

EU, US to provide ‘significant’ aid to Ukraine: Ashton

The European Union and the United States are working on a plan for significant short-term financial assistance for Ukraine, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton was quoted as saying yesterday (2 February).
Global Europe 31-01-2014

European Greens nominate Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

The Green group in the European Parliament has nominated whistleblower Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, on the last day before a deadline for nomination expires tomorrow (1 February).
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Data protection 19-11-2013

EU Commissioner Reding: US meeting on data protection ‘constructive’

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, responsible for justice and fundamental rights, expressed her satisfaction for the “positive and constructive” meeting with US Attorney General Eric Holder on data protection, following revelations about US interception of EU communications.
Technology 19-11-2013

Reding hails ‘constructive meeting’ with US on data privacy

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, responsible for justice and fundamental rights, expressed her satisfaction for the “positive and constructive” meeting with US Attorney General Eric Holder on data protection, following revelations about US interception of EU communications. 
Global Europe 29-10-2013

Bundestag wants to question Snowden over US eavesdropping

Germany's parliament will hold a special session on revelations that the United States has tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone, with left-wing parties demanding a public inquiry and asking to call in witnesses, including former US intelligence agent Edward Snowden.
Global Europe 25-10-2013

The erosion of the transatlantic trust

Until now the Iraq War defined the nadir in trans-Atlantic relations. But that disagreement concerned military intervention. This time, the NSA scandal touches the fundamental issue of trust and that means the consequences of a rupture are more severe, writes Annette Hauser.
Development Policy 14-10-2013

Unesco chief: Education quality should feature highly in next MDGs

The post-2015 Millennium Development Goals need to emphasise the quality of education in order to sow tolerance and respect for human rights, and better prepare citizens for global challenges such as climate change, Unesco Director General Irina Bokova told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Trade & Society 27-09-2013

EU lawmaker: ‘TTIP is not a monster’

The budding Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been wrongly portrayed as a Western conspiracy against China when it would positively impact world trade, says a key MEP ahead of a second round of trade negotiations in Brussels between 7-11 October.
Security 09-09-2013

Blitzkrieg on Syria: buying time for Israel?

The expected US air attack on Syria appears to address the increased Israeli need for more security in a changed Muslim-Arab neighbourhood. But once it is there militarily, the US will not be able to withdraw soon, writes Stefan Sorin Mure?an.
Global Europe 06-09-2013

John Kerry to attend EU ministerial in Vilnius

US Secretary of State John Kerry will discuss Syria, Egypt and Israeli-Palestinian peace talks with European officials on a weekend trip to Vilnius, Paris and London, where he will see Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the State Department said yesterday (5 September).
Global Europe 26-08-2013

German press says US bugged UN, EU teleconferences

The US National Security Agency has bugged the United Nations' New York headquarters, Germany's Der Spiegel weekly said yesterday (25 August) in a report on US spying that could further strain relations between Washington and its allies.