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Global Europe 25-10-2013

The erosion of the transatlantic trust

Until now the Iraq War defined the nadir in trans-Atlantic relations. But that disagreement concerned military intervention. This time, the NSA scandal touches the fundamental issue of trust and that means the consequences of a rupture are more severe, writes Annette Hauser.
Security 09-09-2013

Blitzkrieg on Syria: buying time for Israel?

The expected US air attack on Syria appears to address the increased Israeli need for more security in a changed Muslim-Arab neighbourhood. But once it is there militarily, the US will not be able to withdraw soon, writes Stefan Sorin Mure?an.
Global Europe 19-06-2013

US, Germany: Common ground in a complex relationship

Germany's geographic position at the heart of Europe forces Berlin to formulate a multifaceted foreign policy. It must balance its military alliance with the United States against its energy ties with Russia, Berlin's largest natural gas supplier. It is through this context that US President Barack Obama's 18-19 June visit to Germany must be viewed, writes Stratfor.