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  • EU-US survey reveals massive support for trade deal

    News | Public Affairs 18-07-2013

    A new survey of policymakers and key influencers in Washington and Brussels, released jointly by APCO Insight and EURACTIV, reveals significant support for an EU-US trade agreement, despite deep differences across the Atlantic on regulatory issues ranging from GMOs to the protection of data privacy online.

  • Grybauskait?: Talks on Prism and trade to be held ‘in parallel’

    News | Global Europe 05-07-2013

    Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait? said trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States would start with contacts between "professional specialists” who would look into reports that a US spy agency monitored phone calls and e-mails of EU institutions and some member states.

  • US, Germany: Common ground in a complex relationship

    Opinion | Global Europe 19-06-2013

    Germany's geographic position at the heart of Europe forces Berlin to formulate a multifaceted foreign policy. It must balance its military alliance with the United States against its energy ties with Russia, Berlin's largest natural gas supplier. It is through this context that US President Barack Obama's 18-19 June visit to Germany must be viewed, writes Stratfor.