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Becoming climate neutral by 2050: How Europe’s energy system has to change

In light of climate change and the war in Ukraine, the European energy system faces an unprecedented transformation. How can this succeed? Michael Jesberger is the COO of TransnetBW. Let’s assume we are in 2050 and the Green Deal is...
Energy 27-06-2022

Is REPowerEU the right energy policy recipe to move away from Russian gas?

The recipe for independence from Russian gas is the acceleration of the clean energy transition; its success depends on the use of the right ingredients, write Megan Anderson, Bram Claeys and Jan Rosenow.
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Energy 15-06-2022

Urgency, courage, and smarts: the regulation we need to RePower EU

Europe is wide awake to a new energy crisis. Now, we can and should address our imported fossil fuel dependency at its roots. We can’t do that by buying oil and gas from elsewhere than Russia. That’s not the way...
Energy 03-06-2022

EU needs ‘more urgency’ in replacing Russian gas, say liberals

The EU must speed up the replacement of Russian gas in its energy mix and dramatically increase investment in renewable energy infrastructure, senior liberal political leaders said on Friday (3 June).
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Mind the energy efficiency gap between product and building policies

As highlighted by the REPowerEU Plan, energy efficiency is crucially important for addressing the energy and climate crisis: every opportunity to save energy must be considered. The energy efficiency potential of technical building systems is neither fully harvested by policies addressing individual products, nor by those focusing on the entire building.
Energy 31-05-2022

EU leaders downplay chances of rapid Russian gas ban

EU leaders on Tuesday (31 May) played down the prospects of getting a ban on Russian gas in a next round of sanctions, after struggling to secure a watered-down embargo on Moscow's key oil exports.
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Energy 30-05-2022

“New tech inside“: Europe needs to embrace ground-breaking geothermal technologies

The new REPowerEU Plan presented last week by the European Commission is the latest proposal of measures that would speed up the transformation of Europe’s energy landscape. 
Energy 25-05-2022

Different mentality needed on raw material domestic mining, says EU body

The increasing need for critical raw materials essential to the energy transition and phasing out Russian fossil fuels requires more domestic EU production and a different mentality to mining on EU soil, the largest consortium in the sector warned last week.
Energy 23-05-2022

EU countries urged to prepare for Russian gas cut: summit draft

EU member states need to step up preparations for a possible major disruption of Russian gas supplies, according to the draft conclusions of an EU summit meeting scheduled for Monday and Tuesday next week (30-31 May).
Agrifood 19-05-2022

Farming sector cautious about using CAP funds to drop Russian energy imports

Europe's farming community gave a lukewarm reception to the possibility, suggested by the European Commission, of transferring up to €7.5 billion from the EU’s farming subsidies to the support measures aimed at overcoming dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

EU urges building insulation push in bid to end reliance on Russian gas

The European Commission’s plan to eliminate Russian energy imports by 2027 features a strong focus on energy efficiency. For the energy intensive buildings sectors, this means yet another push to insulate homes fast.
Energy 18-05-2022

EU tables €300bn plan to ditch Russian fossil fuels, speed up green transition

The European Commission submitted on Wednesday (18 May) a €300 billion plan to eliminate Russian energy imports by 2027, although it admitted this would require short-term investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure to replace imports of Russian oil and gas.
Energy 16-05-2022

Isolate Putin. Insulate homes.

As part of the plan to break away from Russian fossil fuels, due to be tabled on Wednesday (18 May), Europe needs new action on energy efficiency, energy savings and the renovation wave writes Ciarán Cuffe.
Energy 16-05-2022

Heating neglected in EU plan to ditch Russian fossil fuels, industry says

The European Commission is due to table plans on Wednesday (18 May) to break free from Russian fossil fuels but, apart from a renewed push for heat pumps, there are major oversights when it comes to decarbonising heating and cooling, according to industry representatives.

EU lawmakers soon to vote half the bloc’s flagship climate package

The European Parliament's environment committee (ENVI) will vote on Monday and Tuesday (16-17 May) on half the texts in the European Commission's flagship Fit for 55 package aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030.
Energy 13-05-2022

EU readies €195 billion plan to quit Russian fossil fuels

The European Commission plans to unveil a €195 billion plan to stop importing Russian fossil fuels by 2027, combining a faster rollout of renewable energy and energy savings with a switch to alternative gas supplies, draft documents show.
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Heat Pumps to REPowerEU: The need for a European industrial heat pump policy

REPowerEU must be a win for energy security, the climate and European competitiveness. With the right focus, the May package can propel a wave of sustainable heat pumps “made in Europe”.
Energy 10-05-2022

LEAK: EU Commission considering higher renewable energy target for 2030

The European Commission is looking to increase the EU's renewable energy target for 2030 as part of plans due next week, which also include faster permitting rules for new projects and a solar strategy making rooftop solar mandatory for all new buildings, according to leaked proposals seen by EURACTIV.
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Safe at Home: Cutting Fossil Fuel Imports Through Renovation

Fears of leaving Europeans unable to heat their homes have led to governments allocating billions of euros for energy bill rebates, in some cases even pledging to freeze gas and electricity tariffs. Spending on this scale will not be sustainable...
Energy 27-04-2022

How to go faster and further on building renovation to sever ties with Russia

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted the EU to start getting serious about its energy policy and cut its reliance on Russia. To do that, building renovation must be a priority in the EU's REPowerEU Action Plan, due in May, writes Adrian Joyce.
Energy 12-04-2022

As EU looks to stop Russian gas imports, Israel sees an opening

As Europe looks to wean itself off Russian fossil fuels following the country's invasion of Ukraine, Israel hopes to help fill the gap with gas from its offshore reserves.
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REPowering the EU with biomethane

The renewable gas sector is ready to deliver, but coordinated efforts and investments will be required to reach those goals. Watch EBA's statement to learn more.

The Ukraine war: A hidden opportunity for the EU Green Deal

Russia's war on Ukraine, while devastating, could have 'positive' collateral effects on the European Green Deal. EURACTIV France reports.
Energy 24-03-2022

EU leaders to debate ‘contagion effect’ of gas prices on electricity

At the insistence of Spain and other southern countries, EU leaders will instruct officials to look into the contagion effect of gas prices on electricity markets, according to draft summit conclusions seen by EURACTIV.