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Euro & Finance 23-09-2014

MEPs insist banks should finance their own rescue fund

The European Union must shift more of the cost of a new rescue fund for banks onto the region's biggest lenders, lawmakers told the outgoing commissioner for Internal Market and Services Michel Barnier yesterday (22 September).
Euro & Finance 12-09-2012

German court clears way for ESM rescue fund

Germany's Constitution Court today (12 September) rejected efforts to block the European Stability Mechanism - the eurozone's €500-billion  bailout fund - paving the way for the country's ratification of the fiscal compact.
Euro & Finance 19-12-2011

Draghi kills hopes of large-scale ECB intervention

EU politicians have to move fast to make their bailout fund operational, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Sunday (18 December), killing hopes that the ECB would engage in full-blown quantitative easing – printing money – to buy government bonds and ease  funding strains.
Euro & Finance 27-10-2011

Berlusconi’s reform plan reassures EU leaders

Italy’s EU colleagues expressed satisfaction with the contents of a letter brought to the summit yesterday (26 October) by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi setting out Rome’s intention to rein in public expenditure and counter contagion from Greece’s sovereign debt crisis. EU SUMMIT LIVE!