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Economy & Jobs 30-05-2022

Industry employers’ boss: Companies cannot raise wages to offset inflation

Pushed by record-high energy prices, year-on-year inflation reached 7.4% in April of this year for the euro area. This is squeezing industrial companies in Europe, according to the president of Ceemet, a European tech and industry employers’ organisation.
Economy & Jobs 09-05-2022

No time to lose: EU focuses on vocational skills to deliver green transition

The European Commission is helping member states, companies, and workers to prepare for the massive effort of the green and digital transitions via a number of initiatives and platforms, with a particular focus on the labour market and vocational training. Commissioners Nicolas Schmit and Margaritis Schinas provide more details.
Economy & Jobs 07-06-2021

Europe turns to active labour market policies to beef up job recovery

The European Commission wants member states to adopt measures to support workers’ hiring and retraining in the aftermath of the pandemic, as the green and digital transitions will shake up a European job market already in pain because of COVID-19.
Economy & Jobs 11-02-2021

EESC President: Crisis is widening gap between school and real life for youth

Europe needs to "get the economy up and running" to help its youth find opportunities and bridge the gap between school and the workplace, the President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Christa Schweng told EURACTIV in an interview.