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Immigrants boost Germany’s skilled labour force

The number of workers in so-called MINT jobs is rising in Germany, thanks to immigration from other EU countries. However, companies are suffering from a latent lack of skilled workers, partly due to xenophobia in eastern German states. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Europe’s low interest rates a headache for corporate pensions

Historically low interest rates in the eurozone are becoming an increasing headache for companies forced to set aside billions in extra cash to meet their pension obligations to employees.

Minimum wage unlikely to remedy rising poverty in Germany

Twelve million people in Germany are categorised as poor, more than ever recorded according to a study by a German welfare association, which indicates the country’s new minimum wage is not likely to help the situation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
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European Court: Male civil servants discriminated against in France

The European Court of Justice has pointed the finger at unequal retirement plans between men and women in the French civil service. EURACTIV France reports.

Sweden considers raising retirement age to 75

Swedes should be prepared to work until they are 75 and to change careers in the middle of their work life if they are to keep the welfare standards they expect, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said.
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Poll: EU not worried about getting older, working longer

The numbers of working Europeans between 55 and 64 has leapt by 10% in the last decade, say statistics published today on the launch of the EU’s year of active and healthy ageing.

Linking retirement to life expectancy ‘saves welfare’

As the French government reels from a series of strikes and protests over its plan to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62, a leading Brussels policy expert warns of more trouble ahead across Europe unless governments are frank with voters about the fundamental reforms required to grapple with the looming demographic crisis. 

Špidla: ‘Social innovation’ needed to restart economy

Squeezed by the economic crisis, Europe's labour markets can find new dynamism through social innovation, said Vladimir Špidla, EU commissioner for employment, social affairs and equal opportunities, in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.

Court backs limits to senior workers’ employment

The European Court of Justice has re-affirmed member states' right to put legal limits on the length of employees' periods of occupation, in spite of EU legislation countering discrimination on age grounds. 

Lisbon, we’ve got a problem!

What European workers want when it comes to balancing life and work is the exact opposite of what the Lisbon strategy foresees, a recent study conducted by French scientists finds.
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Survey draws health and retirement picture of Europe’s elderly

Data on 22,000 people aged over 50 in eleven countries has been made available for scientists and social security planners to understand the challenges of Europe's ageing society better.

Kok expert group was divided over working hours

Longer working hours and delayed retirement were the main sticking points among the expert group chaired by Wim Kok, which is carrying out a review of the Lisbon process.
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EU governments warned on ‘pensions disaster’

In its first-ever report on the pension system in the EU published on 17 December, the Commission proposed to draw more people, particularly women, into work and to introduce flexible employment schemes to prevent a "pensions disaster".