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Global Europe 28-10-2021

EU gives Moldova €60 million euros over Russia gas row

The European Union on Wednesday (27 October) said it was giving Moldova €60 million to help cope with a gas crisis after Russia's Gazprom hiked prices.
Energy 16-12-2019

31 December 2019: Will gas stop flowing?

The clock is ticking. The long-term gas transit contract between Russia and Ukraine is expiring on 31 December. Chances that the two sides would reach a comprehensive agreement before this date are slim. EURACTIV looks behind the scenes of the dispute.
Energy 14-05-2018

Gas market liberalisation: An unsung EU success story?

The liberalisation of European gas markets is widely recognised as a major success by industry analysts. But EU politicians are reluctant to celebrate it because liberalisation on its own has failed to deliver on another key objective – supply diversification. Ironically, Europe is now more dependent on Russian gas than ever.
Energy 29-09-2017

Central-Eastern European pipeline gets go-ahead

An ambitious gas pipeline project connecting Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria received a shot in the arm on Thursday (28 September), when all of the involved parties signed a memorandum of understanding for the project, a vital part of Europe's efforts to wean itself off Russian gas.
Central Europe 02-12-2015

Sefcovic: The Commission will respond to Nord Stream’s critics

Seven EU countries wrote to the European Commission, asking for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project to be stopped. The entire College of Commissioners will prepare the response, Maroš Šef?ovi?, Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Energy 10-09-2015

Slovak PM calls Nord Stream expansion deal ‘a betrayal’

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said today (10 September) that a deal between Russia's Gazprom and its European partners to expand the Nord Stream gas pipeline was a "betrayal" that would cost Ukraine and Slovakia a combined billions of euros.
Ambassador Pyatt visits Zakarpattya. Ukraine-Slovakia Border, July 2015.
Energy 20-08-2015

Commission hopes for new trilateral gas talks on Ukraine

The European Commission deplored the collapse of the trilateral gas talks today (20 August), in which it was negotiating Ukrainian gas purchases from Russia, and expressed hopes that a new round could take place in September.
Energy 01-07-2015

Trilateral talks on Ukraine’s gas supplies fall apart

Ukraine announced yesterday (30 June) the immediate suspension of all Russian gas purchases after EU-mediated negotiations broke down.
Maroš Šef?ovi? will chair the trilaterals [European Parliament]
Energy 19-03-2015

Commission sheds light on trilateral gas talks with Ukraine, Russia

The European Commission aims at concluding an agreement to supply Ukraine with Russian gas until Fall 2016, when an international court will issue a ruling on Moscow's pricing regime, a Commission official said.
Energy 06-03-2015

Bulgaria lacks political will to build interconnectors, says Commission

A Commission official said and repeated during a public event yesterday (5 March) that Bulgaria, which is almost 100% reliant on Russian gas, lacks the political will to build interconnectors with its neighbours and decrease its dependence.
Energy 20-02-2015

Orbán says EU’s Energy Union is a threat to Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said his country has a “major problem” with Brussels because of the European Commission’s plans to set up an Energy Union, which in his words hinders national sovereignty.
Boyko Borisov (Right) and Maroš Šef?ovi? (Center)
Central Europe 10-02-2015

Šef?ovi? sees three sources of gas for Central Europe

Central and Southeastern European countries, largely dependent on Russian gas supplies, are starting work on a plan to build gas infrastructure, and should count on having at least three different sources of gas, the EU's energy chief said on Monday (9 February).
Energy 24-11-2014

Ukraine should prioritise energy efficiency

Improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption should be the key priority of Ukraine's energy policy. The country’s energy-saving potential could be as much as 50% of its current energy consumption, writes Danila Bochkarev.
Energy 13-11-2014

Ample gas in store for winter, says French grid operator

French gas storage levels at three-year highs make shortages this winter unlikely, grid operator GRTGaz said in a report on Wednesday (12 November). However the operator urged companies to be ready to raise LNG imports should there be any disruption to Russian supplies.
Energy 07-10-2014

Slovakia looks for EU compensation over reduced Russian gas deliveries

Slovakia could seek compensation from the European Union on potential losses from replacing what it says is a shortfall in deliveries requested from its main supplier Russia over the past month, an economy ministry spokeswoman said on Monday.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 24-07-2014

Ukraine complains about reduced reverse flows from EU

Ukraine said yesterday (23 July) it was receiving less gas via reverse flows from the European Union, which Energy Minister Yuri Prodan blamed on reluctance by firms within the EU to antagonise Russian gas producer Gazprom, a heavy critic of the flows.
Energy 20-05-2014

Slovakia to supply gas to Ukraine in September

A pipeline to transport gas to Ukraine via Slovakia should be ready for pumping at full capacity starting in September, the head of Slovakia's pipeline operator said.
Commission President José Manuel Barroso, the Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and Slovak Commissioner Maroš Šef?ovi?
Energy 28-04-2014

Slovakia takes step to reverse gas to Ukraine

Meeting in Bratislava Monday (April 28), Commission President José Manuel Barroso, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, and Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan attended the signing of a Memorandum enabling reverse gas flows from Slovakia to Ukraine.
Energy 16-04-2014

Germany’s RWE begins gas deliveries to Ukraine

Unprecedented talks across the European Union Tuesday (15 April) showed it scrambling for solutions, in order to break its dependence on Russian gas, and help supply Ukraine.
Robert Fico (right) Photo Slovak government
Energy 11-04-2014

Slovakia wants guarantees before reversing gas to Ukraine

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico called for talks with Ukraine, Russia and the European Commission to ensure his country gets paid and that it can reverse gas flows to Kyiv without violating existing contracts, while Hungary said it could do so at once.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 09-04-2014

Ukrainian minister: ‘Gas can stop flowing at any moment’

EXCLUSIVE / The gas price hike from $268.50 per 1,000 cubic meters to $485.50 imposed by Moscow on Kyiv could cut gas supplies from Russia to the EU through Ukrainian territory, Yuriy Prodan, Ukraine's minister of energy and coal industry told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
Energy 07-04-2014

Russia tells West reverse gas flows are ‘illegal’

Gazprom’s CEO Alexei Miller said that gas reverse flows from EU countries to Ukraine are illegal, defying a Brussels plan to help the country’s pro-European government fight against Russia’s strategy to wreck its economy by increasing gas prices.
Energy 10-01-2014

Ukraine no longer wants reverse gas flows from EU

Ukraine has ceased buying gas from Europe and will instead purchase the fuel solely from Russia, as it offers the lowest prices, Ukraine’s energy minister Eduard Stavitsky said yesterday (9 January). 
Energy 20-11-2013

Slovakia agrees to reverse gas to Ukraine

Pipeline operators in Ukraine and Slovakia are on the verge of signing a deal that will allow the European Union to ship gas through Slovakia to Ukraine, reducing Kiev's dependence on Russia, the European Commission and Ukraine said yesterday (19 November).