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Global Europe 14-06-2011

D’Alema: EU at risk of wasting Arab Spring’s historic chance

Europe should do much more on foreign policy, especially by unambiguously supporting the Arab revolutions, otherwise it risks wasting an historic opportunity which could later count against it, said former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D'Alema in an exclusive interview with EURACTIV.
Global Europe 04-02-2011

Egypt crisis looms large over EU summit’s agenda

The unfolding Egypt crisis has eclipsed the agenda of today's (4 February) EU summit, which was expected to focus on energy and innovation. But it has also revealed the limitations of the European Union's High Representative for foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, who has had to take a back seat as the 'Jasmine' revolutionary wave rolls on.
Global Europe 27-01-2011

EU calls for restraint as Egypt revolt unfolds

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton called today (27 January) on the Egyptian authorities to exercise restraint after street violence escalated. Prominent Egyptian reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei said he was ready to assume power in Egypt if the people called for him to do so.