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Agrifood 05-12-2017

Italy spearheads initiative to limit rice imports to the EU

Italy and seven other EU countries asked the European Commission on 24 November to allow them to limit rice imports from Cambodia, on the grounds of “protecting the Italian and European Rice industry.” 
Agrifood 20-07-2017

Italy demands origin labels for pasta and rice

All packets of pasta and rice sold in Italy will have to include labels of origin showing where the produce was grown, the government ruled on Thursday (20 July), in a move it said was aimed at protecting local farmers.
Health 13-09-2006

EU strives to find GMO needle in rice haystack

Almost one in five samples of imported rice is contaminated with the unauthorised, genetically manipulated LL601, European rice-traders told the Commission. 
Health 06-09-2006

NGOs: Illegal Chinese GM rice has entered European food chain

Products bought from Asian stores in Germany, France and the UK have been found to contain genetically modified rice from China. The Commission promises to get tough on importers.
Trade & Society 24-08-2006

EU restricts rice imports from the US

Fears that US rice has been contaminated with an unauthorised GMO have led the EU to impose drastic controls on US imports of long-grain rice.  
Trade & Society 22-08-2006

EU considers ban on US rice imports

The EU is pondering whether to block imports of US long-grain rice after being informed that the US food chain has been contaminated with an illegal and untested genetically modified strain.
Security 01-07-2003

Condoleezza Rice attacks multi-polarity as ‘necessary evil’

US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice has dismissed the concept of a multi-polar world as a "theory of rivalry" that had never promoted peace.

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