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Public Affairs 09-12-2016

MEPs need a long hard look in the mirror

MEPs have been quick to point out the reforms needed to improve accountability in the Commission but have not turned the same critical eye on themselves, writes Myriam Douo.
Brexit 02-04-2015

Seven tips for seven leaders

Ahead of tonight's leaders debate on UK television, MEP Richard Corbett gives his take on the do's and don'ts for the party leaders. 
Brexit 19-03-2015

EU reform: What do we actually need?

All politicians want to reform the EU and make it work better for citizens. But, as Richard Corbett explains, there is no clear consensus on what reform is needed. 
Public Affairs 07-11-2013

What role for national parliaments in EU law making?

The Lisbon Treaty entrusted national parliaments with new tools to hold their governments accountable for decisions taken at the European level. The fact that some national parliaments do very little to use these tools, shows a true “democratic deficit”, Richard Corbett writes.