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Digital & Media 20-01-2015

Cable: Success of the single market is the right direction for UK

Vince Cable, Britain’s business secretary and Liberal Democrat MP, set out his vision of a healthy, prosperous European Union at a Lisbon Council event on 20 January 2013. Cable's speech addressed what Europe can do to restore dynamism to its economy, how to boost growth and create new jobs, and how to demonstrate its relevance to its 500 million citizens.
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Brexit 22-11-2012

EURACTIV Ranks the Top 40 Most Influential Britons in EU Policy

EURACTIV published a ranking of the top 40 most influential Britons on EU policy on 14 November 2012. At the event, we interviewed the panelists and key guests about how influential the UK is in Europe. To read EURACTIV's ranking and to learn more about the UK in Europe, visit: http://www.euractiv.com/uk40 http://www.euractiv.com/uk-in-europe ----- EURACTIV.com - EU News and Policy Debates