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Internet governance 24-09-2019

Google wins landmark ‘right to be forgotten’ case in blow for privacy advocates

Google has fended off a landmark legal challenge from the French data protection authority after the EU's top court ruled that the search engine giant does not have to apply 'right to be forgotten' rules globally.
Internet governance 10-01-2019

Right to be forgotten should be limited to EU, top court says in Google case

The EU's "right to be forgotten" ruling should only be limited to the EU, the European Court of Justice said on Thursday (10 December), delivering an opinion on a case brought by France's privacy authority, the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL).
Data protection 10-09-2018

Google in France’s firing line as right to be forgotten hearing arrives at ECJ

It may be your right to be forgotten, but that doesn't mean you can't be found. That is the big issue on the cards on Tuesday (11 September) as France's data regulator locks horns with Google in a hearing on the global application of the EU's right to be forgotten ruling.
Technology 16-11-2016

EU law comes to the defence of authors of ‘forgotten’ books

Authors will retain the rights to “forgotten”, out-of-print books, after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said that republishing them in digital format without their consent is in breach of EU law. EURACTIV’s partner Milano Finanza reports.

Technology 19-05-2016

Google invokes free speech in French fine appeal

Google said Thursday (19 May) it feared for free speech if France succeeded in forcing it to apply the right to have information about a person removed from its search engines not just in France, but worldwide.
Technology 14-04-2016

New data protection rules fit for our digital age

Today (14 April), the European Parliament adopted a historic reform of EU data protection legislation, which will come into force in two years’ time. It promises to bring real EU-wide benefits, write Jan Philipp Albrecht, Marju Lauristin and Věra Jourová.
Technology 15-02-2016

EU’s ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ policy sets bad precedent for free expression

Last week’s announcement that Google will begin suppressing links to URLs not only for searches on EU country-level domains, but also for searches conducted from within EU countries, is bad news, write Jens-Henrik Jeppesen and Emma Llansó.
Technology 26-11-2015

Google gets 348,085 ‘forget’ requests in Europe

Since a top European court ruled people have a right to be forgotten online, Google has received 348,085 requests for tidbits to vanish from search results.
Technology 25-08-2015

Twitter shuts down transparency tracker

Twitter has stopped a website tracking politicians’ deleted tweets by shutting down its access to the social media giant's data.
Technology 31-07-2015

Google refuses French order to apply “right to be forgotten” globally

Google is refusing to bow to an order from the French privacy watchdog to scrub search results worldwide when users invoke their "right to be forgotten" online, it said on Thursday (30 July), exposing itself to possible fines.
Technology 21-05-2015

Internet firms to face stiffer fines for breaking EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ rules

Firms such as Google and Microsoft will face stiffer fines if they violate Europe's "right to be forgotten" online rules, according to a draft text agreed by European Union ambassadors on Wednesday (20 May), diplomatic sources said.
Competition 02-04-2015

Report: Commission to press antitrust charges against Google

Europe's competition regulator is preparing the groundwork to file charges against US search giant Google, in an antitrust investigation over the next few weeks, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday (1 April), citing a person familiar with the matter.
Technology 04-02-2015

Google leans towards EU-only ‘right to be forgotten’

Experts advising Google on a European court ruling ordering it to remove personal information from search results, is leaning towards limiting the application to European websites only.

EU watchdogs to apply ‘right to be forgotten’ rule on Web worldwide

European privacy regulators want Internet search engines such as Google and Microsoft's Bing to scrub results globally, not just in Europe, when people invoke their "right to be forgotten" as ruled by an EU court.
Technology 31-10-2014

Outgoing Digital Commissioner: A lot more work is needed to clarify the ‘right to be forgotten’

The EU has to do quite a lot more work to make the “right to be forgotten” clear, says Neelie Kroes. In a wide-ranging interview, she also reflects on the new Juncker Commission and what’s missing from Europe’s digital economy.

EU preparing guidelines for ‘right to be forgotten’ complaints

European regulators are working on guidelines for appeals from people whose requests to remove information from search results under their name have been turned down by search engines such as Google.
Technology 08-09-2014

Google hosts meetings across Europe on privacy rights

A panel appointed by search engine Google will hold the first of a series of meetings on Tuesday to debate the balance between privacy and the free flow of information, following a May court ruling that reinforced Europeans' "right to be forgotten".
Brexit 30-07-2014

Right to be forgotten does not trump media freedom, EU claims

The European Commission has claimed the “right to be forgotten” on the Internet does not supercede media freedoms, after strong criticism from the UK’s House of Lords that called for the notion to be wiped out of draft EU data privacy legislation.
Simon Lester
Technology 23-07-2014

Should the ‘right to be forgotten’ be reviewed by an international court?

The questions surrounding the investor-state dispute settlement are not about "corporate profits" or "promoting foreign investment", but about the role of international courts in global governance, writes Simon Lester.
Technology 18-07-2014

Commission to meet Microsoft over mass redundancies

The European Commission has asked to meet Microsoft to discuss the layoff of thousands of EU workers, as the tech giant trims its newly-acquired Nokia subsidiary
Technology 06-06-2014

How far will EU citizens’ ‘right to be forgotten’ extend?

While Google may have been dismayed by the ramifications of a ruling in Europe's top court last month upholding the "right to be forgotten" online, European authorities are also likely to be uncertain about how it will be implemented, privacy experts and lawyers said.
Technology 30-05-2014

Google takes first step to comply with EU rules

Google has launched a service through which European citizens can request that links to what they deem objectionable be taken off search results, the first step towards complying with a court ruling affirming the "right to be forgotten."
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Technology 13-05-2014

EU court: Google must respect ‘right to be forgotten’

Internet companies can be made to remove irrelevant or excessive personal information from search engine results, Europe's top court ruled on Tuesday in a case pitting privacy campaigners against Google.
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Data protection 25-01-2012

EU wants ‘right to be forgotten’

The European Commission on Wednesday presented a new "comprehensive" reform on data protection rules. This to replace the current laws that came into force back in 1995. Brussels wants to give people more control over their personal data by introducing the controversial "right to be forgotten". Under the proposed law, people can ask companies to delete information that they hold about them. Companies who don't comply could face fines of up to 2% of their annual turnover.