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Technology 23-08-2018

German Facebook use linked to refugee violence as AfD boost online presence

Recently published research has uncovered parallels between hate-fuelled Facebook posts and an increase in racially-motivated attacks on refugees in Germany, with material from the German Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party page under the spotlight.

Germany one step closer to banning right-wing party

They are often referred to as Nazis, and in 2003, German lawmakers failed in an attempt to outlaw the party. But now, it seems more likely that the extremist NPD will get banned. EURACTIV Germany reports.

German Minister of Justice compared to Goebbels by PEGIDA leader

Lutz Bachmann, head of the German anti-Islamic movement PEGIDA, has compared Heiko Maas to the Nazi Minister of Propaganda. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Berlin to combat violence with extra resources

The German government hopes to prevent further right-wing extremist attacks by strengthening its security services. EURACTIV Germany reports.