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Poto?nik pledges EU commitment to development after Rio

The European Union has not forgotten the commitments made at the Rio+20 conference six months ago, said EU Environment Commissioner Janez Poto?nik. Next year, the European Commission will publish results of the follow-up work, he promised.
Trade & Society 04-12-2012

Industry aims to ‘close the loop’ on resource use

SPECIAL REPORT / Six months after the Rio+20 Earth Summit, a Belgian company, Deceuninck Nv., has begun living up to the plastic industry's voluntary commitments by turning discarded doors, windows and other goods made with PVC into new products.

Trust me, I’m a corporation: Can business drive green growth?

SPECIAL REPORT / Nearly six months after the Rio+20 global environment summit, the jury is still out on whether greener growth can truly happen. In the absence of major commitments by participating countries, EU officials were left placing their hopes on voluntary agreements by industry sectors, including plastics and PVC. But can those deliver?

With Rio setbacks in mind, MEPs press for EU pragmatism

Following its failure to deliver on ambitious plans for the Rio+20 conference, Europe must redouble its climate commitments and be a more pragmatic world leader, say three MEPs involved in shaping environmental legislation.

Finding the right mix to spur greener consumption

SPECIAL REPORT / World leaders attending the recent Rio+20 conference agreed to promote sustainable consumption and production, but analysts say getting businesses and buyers to do just that will require far more than words on paper.

Life after Rio: ‘No excuse to do less’

SPECIAL REPORT / Disappointed over the failure of the Rio summit to produce ambitious commitments on sustainable growth, conservationists say Europe must now redouble efforts to tackle its own environmental challenges.
Climate change 25-06-2012

Global carbon emissions rise is far bigger than previous estimates

Carbon dioxide emissions have risen by even more than previously thought, according to new data analysed by the Guardian newspaper, casting doubt on whether the world can avoid dangerous climate change.
Agrifood 21-06-2012

Firms want politicians to ‘take responsibility’ at Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / Conservationists who fear that the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro will fail to produce binding commitments to environmental sustainability may have some unsuspecting allies – big corporations.

OECD countries want new measures for growth in Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / One of the questions that world leaders will discuss while gathering at the UN summit in Rio this week is whether future national development should be measured in terms other than the economic.
EU Priorities 2020 20-06-2012

Footing the world’s bill for a green transition

SPECIAL REPORT / World Bank President Lewis Preston called on rich donors to back a $5-billion (€4 billion) fund to help the world’s poorest nations protect their environment and make economic development more sustainable.

EU faces big obstacles on the road to Rio+20

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe faces an uphill battle to convince world leaders to buy its plan for strengthening global environmental governance at an important sustainable development conference later this week.
Climate change 18-06-2012

Poland blocks EU’s zero-carbon plan

With European delegates preparing to push a low-carbon agenda at the Rio Earth Summit this week, coal-reliant Poland has prevented EU governments from speaking with a single voice in the bloc's debate on a low-carbon energy future.

Rio+20: Scientists call for action on population

The Rio+20 Earth summit must take decisive action on population and consumption regardless of political taboos or it will struggle to tackle the alarming decline of the global environment, the world's leading scientific academies have warned.
Development Policy 18-06-2012

Global clean-energy ‘revolution’ falters ahead of Rio

SPECIAL REPORT / A UN push to provide electricity to more than 1 billion people who live off the grid is threatened by indecision at an important global development conference this week, despite robust support from EU leaders.

Ministers set out 2050 vision for a ‘green Europe’

The EU's 27 environment ministers have set out the key elements of the bloc's environment policy for decades to come, calling for "an ambitious and compelling 2050 vision for a green Europe" that decouples economic growth from environmental degradation.

Europe urged to ‘radically transform’ water policy

The European Union needs to "radically transform" the way it manages water, energy and land to ensure the needs of the poorest people are met and the environment is protected, according to the new European Report on Development.

Report calls for action at Rio to reverse biodiversity free fall

Biodiversity has decreased by an average of 28% globally since 1970 and the world would have to be 50% bigger to have enough land and forests to provide for current levels of consumption and carbon emissions, the conservation group WWF said today (15 May).

MEPs cancel Rio+20 trip to cut costs

MEPs have cancelled plans to send a delegation to the UN Rio+20 summit on sustainable development, due to take place in June in Brazil. 

Rio observers fear weakening of Earth Summit proposals

Some of the main proposals in a draft text for negotiation at a UN sustainable development conference next month are being watered down at informal talks in New York, observers say, heightening fears the summit will fail to deliver. 

EU plays down expectations for Rio Earth Summit

Europe faces major obstacles in achieving two of its goals at the upcoming sustainable development conference in Rio de Janeiro, a top EU official admitted yesterday (24 April), but will remain an “ambitious partner”.

MEPs press Commission on 2020 green master plan

With 60 days left before the Rio sustainable development conference, MEPs have sent a message to the European Commission to produce “without delay” an ambitious environmental agenda for the decade ahead that avoids past failures.

Liberia sees hurdles to EU electricity aid goals

European plans for promoting public and private solutions to a pressing global development need - electricity - will do little to address the immediate challenges of one of the world’s poorest countries, Liberia’s energy minister said.
Regional Policy 26-03-2012

Regions commit to green policies ahead of Rio+20

European regions are gearing up for the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June by drawing up a list of “key ingredients” in a bid to make sustainable urban development a focal point of the Brazil discussions.

Plenty of water, but is there enough to drink?

England’s third dry winter in a row has led British authorities to call for conservation measures, while China’s government has warned that two-thirds of the country’s cities face severe water shortages because of drought and rampant consumption.