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Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

Thompson: Keep an eye on risky derivatives trades

Since the financial crisis, 25 repositories have begun listing so-called over-the-counter derivatives trades, securities transactions which are not carried out on stock exchanges. But the number of such warehouses is beginning to work against transparency and effective risk avoidance, according to Larry Thompson.
Brexit 08-05-2009

Recession heralds return of ‘low-cost start-up’

An economic crisis can be an ideal time to launch a new venture, according to business leaders, not least because costs are down and talented staff are easy to find.

Policy makers and scientists discuss public perceptions of risk

At a conference on 4-5 December, policy makers, scientists and risk communicators debated ways in which to bridge the gap between science and public risk perceptions.
Entrepreneurship 26-02-2001

Risk adversity hampers European entrepreneurship

New survey finds prevailing attitudes among Europeans is impeding a more dynamic and entrepreneurial economy in the Union