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Hydropower sector has to keep in line with the European Green Deal

Renewable energy is needed to meet our climate goals, but nature must not be destroyed to produce it, argues Martin Hojsik.

Europe must uphold key EU law protecting freshwater fishes

Europe is no exception to the decline in freshwater biodiversity, due to many threats such as agricultural pollution, or the overwhelming development of hydropower, writes Dr Steven Weiss. Dr Steven Weiss is an associate professor at the Institute of Biology,...
Climate change 20-02-2015

Balkan dam boom threatens Europe’s last wild waterways

More is known about rivers in the Amazon than Europe’s last wild waterways in the Balkans. But these unique ecosystems in southeast Europe could soon be gone, along with endangered species such as the Balkan lynx, if plans for over 2,000 dams go ahead, conservationists warn.

Scientists to study storm impact on water quality

  British scientists plan to monitor the effect of storms on nitrate and phosphate contamination in rivers, research they say is crucial because climate change means that the intensity and frequency of storms are likely to increase.