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Technology 22-10-2012

UN envoy: Affordable broadband a global challenge

The UN Broadband Commission for digital development has set four targets related to accessibility, affordability and getting online in order to reach the UN Millennium Development Goals. Among these, universal access to broadband seems to be manageable, but affordability is and will continue to be the bigger problem, says Suvi Lindén.
Future EU 03-10-2012

Parliament plans to play tough in EMU negotiations

European Parliament group leaders met yesterday (2 October) to lay down their negotiating tactics for discussing with other EU presidents a roadmap for the economic and monetary union (EMU). They said that although a treaty change is inevitable in the medium term, much can be achieved within the current treaties, especially in thefiscal area.
Future EU 19-09-2012

Two roads towards a European federation

If José Manuel Barroso's ideas for institutional reforms are established, the political consolidation cannot but stabilise the economy and the financial market. The implementation of fiscal union and of democratic union are not conflicting goals, argue Guido Montani and Antonio Padoa-Shioppa.
Energy 07-06-2012

Building renovation can cut energy use and boost jobs

With the right policy framework and action to reduce energy consumed by Europe's building stock, EU member countries can create jobs, save money, reduce levels of greenhouse gases and improve energy security,  argues Oliver Rapf.

Lawmaker proposes ‘Schengen area for waste’, recycling

Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, a Dutch Liberal MEP who is drafting a resolution on resource-efficiency for the European Parliament, proposes a ‘Schengen area’ for waste that would allow all sorts of second-hand resources to be traded more freely between member states.
Climate change 16-02-2011

EU ‘low-carbon roadmap’ aims for 25% cuts by 2020

Energy savings could slash greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by as early as 2020, according to a draft copy of the EU's long-awaited 'roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050,' seen by EURACTIV.
Future EU 16-04-2007

Barroso presses for new EU Treaty by 2009

Commission President José Manuel Barroso has called on EU leaders to follow an ambitious road map to put a new treaty in place by 2009 and has warned against reopening issues already agreed in the Constitutional Treaty.
Development Policy 16-04-2004

Middle East: reserved EU reaction to US approval of Sharon plans

The EU will not recognise any change to the pre-1967 Israeli borders unless both parties agree explicitly to the proposed changes. EURACTIV has collected international press comments.
Development Policy 08-10-2003

MEPs declare support for Mideast ‘road map’

The Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee issued an urgent call on 7 October to both the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to commit themselves to the implementation of the "road map" peace plan.
Security 27-06-2003

France reluctant to back EU action against Hamas

France was facing increasing pressure on 27 June to put the political wing of the hardline Palestinian group Hamas on a list of banned "terrorist" groups.
Security 05-06-2003

Bush sees chance for Mideast peace, Paris urges EU involvement

As US President Bush's Mideast peace summit yielded a few goodwill gestures on 4 June, Paris signalled its intention to draft a new "road map" for peace between Israel, Syria and Lebanon.
Agrifood 28-11-2002

New roadmap for EU-wide biotech strategy

Drawing on the Commission's January 2002 Communication on the life sciences and biotechnology, EU Ministers for Research, Competition and Industry outlined a new roadmap for the EU's future policy approach.
Enlargement 16-09-2002

Romania proposes its own EU accession road map

The Romanian government has proposed its own road map to conclude accession negotiations in the first half of 2004 and join the EU in 2007.