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  • EU wins roaming battle against telecoms giants

    News | Digital & Media 09-06-2010

    Telecoms giants suffered defeat yesterday (8 June) after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the European Commission was right to set price caps on mobile roaming charges. 

  • EU mulls new mobile roaming price cuts

    News | Digital & Media 07-06-2010

    The European Commission is studying new measures to bring down the price of cross-border calls, including the possibility of introducing ceilings on data roaming, EURACTIV has learned.

  • EU caps Internet roaming to prevent ‘bill shocks’

    News | Digital & Media 02-03-2010

    The European Union yesterday (1 March) introduced price caps in Internet roaming to protect consumers from "bill shocks" when surfing the Web abroad.

  • Lower phone tariffs kick in across EU

    News | Digital & Media 01-07-2009

    Making a mobile phone call across European borders becomes cheaper as of today (1 July) with the entry into force of the EU's new roaming regulation. Data and text messaging are also covered by the new rules on roaming, which telecoms operators decried for being driven by a short-term political agenda.

  • Parliament adopts new phone call price curbs

    News | Digital & Media 23-04-2009

    Using a mobile phone to send text messages or surf the Web by laptop will become up to 60 percent cheaper while travelling in the European Union under price curbs adopted by the European Parliament yesterday (22 April).

  • EU seals mobile roaming deal ahead of summer period

    News | Digital & Media 25-03-2009

    Prices of mobile phone calls made between EU countries will be further lowered as of July this year, according to an agreement sealed yesterday (24 March) over the EU's so-called 'roaming regulation'. As part of the deal, however, telecoms companies will still be able to subject users to an initial charging period of 30 seconds, which should enable operators to maintain some revenue.

  • Commission caps SMS roaming price at 11 cents

    News | Digital & Media 24-09-2008

    The European Commission proceeded with its plans to regulate tariffs in the mobile telecoms yesterday (23 September), deciding to impose price caps on text messages sent while abroad, as well as a range of regulatory measures to cut the price of mobile services for consumers.

  • Consumer groups warn of iPhone ‘bill shocks’

    News | Digital & Media 01-09-2008

    As smartphones become more affordable and their use spreads across Europe, citizens surfing the Internet on their mobile handsets abroad are at increased risk of unexpected rocketing phone bills, warns European consumer organisation BEUC.

  • EU declares war on per-minute phone tariffs

    News | Digital & Media 29-08-2008

    The European Commission is considering imposing per-second tariffs for mobile phone calls across the EU in a bid to bring down costs for consumers and boost its popularity levels. As of 30 August, Brussels will also reduce the price ceiling imposed on roaming calls, while new caps on text messages are expected too.

  • EU to cut cross-border SMS prices by 70%

    News | Digital & Media 15-07-2008

    Text messages sent abroad will cost around 70% less by summer 2009, according to plans EU Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding will outline today. But the move was labelled "populist" by mobile telecoms operators, EURACTIV has learned.

  • Commission to impose cuts in SMS roaming prices

    News | Digital & Media 13-06-2008

    Price decreases for cross-border text messaging (SMS) announced by mobile phone operators are considered disappointing by the EU's Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding, who announced she is ready to impose price cuts after the 1 July deadline "unless a miracle happens".

  • Telecom groups battle SMS price caps

    News | Digital & Media 08-05-2008

    EU telecom operators said they will not comply with the Commission's 1 July deadline to lower the prices of mobile data services across borders, such as text messaging and Internet surfing, labelling the proposed price caps "absurd".