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Why Europe needs a ‘Pact for Innovation’

Europe has a strong reputation for being innovative and this will only continue if we engage the next generation of scientists and innovators. We must prepare for the future now, writes Roland Strauss.
Roland Strauss

A mandate for innovation in Europe

Innovation is of the utmost importance for Europe’s economy, but has so far gotten far too little attention in discussions about the organisation of the new Commission. A Chief Innovation Officer, able to lead the Commission on the innovation front, is urgently needed, argues Roland Strauss.

Strauss: Europe ‘wasting billions’ by duplicating research

The European Union is wasting billions by investing in new research projects which have already been done by other European scientists, Roland Strauss of Knowledge4Innovation told EURACTIV in an interview. Improved communication between research institutes and better use of existing patents could lead to sizeable savings, he said.