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Non-discrimination 28-06-2021

EU faces challenge of closing Roma education divide

Increasing the number of Roma children in early childhood education by at least half, is at the heart of a ten year plan on Roma equality, inclusion and participation across the EU, announced by the European Commission in March.
Non-discrimination 26-02-2021

New study sheds light on discrimination in the German education system

Sinti and Roma continue to face inequality in the German education system, a new study shows. Politicians and associations are now calling for funding measures to be scrutinised more closely.

Commission’s Roma strategy sets minimum goals to be achieved by decade’s end

The European Commission put forward on Wednesday (7 October) its new ten-year framework for the inclusion and participation of Roma, Europe’s largest ethnic minority, with minimum targets to be achieved by 2030 in the areas of inclusion, participation, education, employment, health, and housing.
Non-discrimination 23-09-2020

Data reveals ‘shocking hardship’ of Romani people in Western Europe

A new report lays bare the widespread encroachments to the fundamental rights of Romani people in Western EU countries, providing the latest piece of evidence of discrimination against Europe's largest ethnic minority.
Economy & Jobs 15-09-2020

Diversity in the workplace

The pandemic that washed over Europe did not only lay bare the continent’s health vulnerabilities but also exposed the consequences of deep-seated inequalities. A report by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) published in April acknowledged the “asymmetries in vulnerability”...
Non-discrimination 14-09-2020

Major human rights abuses against Roma seen during lockdown measures

European Romani communities experienced increased institutional racism and discrimination during the COVID-19 lockdown measures across the bloc, a new report by the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) has found.