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Non-discrimination 10-02-2022

Roma inclusion set back as several EU countries delay national strategies

Several European countries are lagging behind on their strategies to tackle discrimination and inequalities faced by Roma, casting doubts they will be able to reach already “unambitious” targets, experts warn.
Non-discrimination 28-06-2021

EU faces challenge of closing Roma education divide

Increasing the number of Roma children in early childhood education by at least half, is at the heart of a ten year plan on Roma equality, inclusion and participation across the EU, announced by the European Commission in March.

Commission’s Roma strategy sets minimum goals to be achieved by decade’s end

The European Commission put forward on Wednesday (7 October) its new ten-year framework for the inclusion and participation of Roma, Europe’s largest ethnic minority, with minimum targets to be achieved by 2030 in the areas of inclusion, participation, education, employment, health, and housing.
Non-discrimination 23-09-2020

Data reveals ‘shocking hardship’ of Romani people in Western Europe

A new report lays bare the widespread encroachments to the fundamental rights of Romani people in Western EU countries, providing the latest piece of evidence of discrimination against Europe's largest ethnic minority.
Non-discrimination 17-09-2020

An EU law for the Romani people becomes possible

The European Parliament will pass today its Resolution “on the implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies: combating negative attitudes towards people with Romani background in Europe”. The rapporteur, Romeo Franz, who is of Roma origin, shares his emotional reaction.
EU Priorities 2020 16-04-2020

EU to delay human and minority rights initiatives due to COVID-19

Despite warnings that COVID-19 may particularly affect the rights of already at-risk populations, the European Commission is looking into the possibility of delaying a host of initiatives intended to improve gender equality and protect human, sexual and ethnic minority rights, according to a draft internal working document seen by EURACTIV.
Freedom of thought 12-04-2018

The EU should take a clear stand against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria

As Roma week 2018 comes to a close, Violeta Naydenova calls on the member governments and the Commission to use their influence to persuade the Bulgarian Presidency to increase their efforts against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria.
Freedom of thought 03-11-2017

Roma policies must tackle anti-Gypsyism

Two days ago, the European Parliament voted an important resolution aiming to fight anti-Gypsyism, the specific type of racism directed towards Roma, write Ismael Cortes and Anna Striethorst.
EU Priorities 2020 30-08-2017

Commission to review funds for anti-Roma discrimination

The European Commission will "brutally" review whether EU funding for anti-discrimination programmes is wasted, as part of its renewed efforts to make sure a new strategy for protecting Roma populations after 2020 actually works.
Development Policy 07-04-2017

Putting to bed Roma myths

Over the last two decades Valeriu Nicolae has heard many opinions about Roma. Here he dissects the best (!) of them.

EU warns Hungary over discrimination of Roma schoolchildren

The European Union said Thursday (26 May) it has launched a probe into charges that Hungary extensively discriminates against Roma children in the country's schools.

Europe can learn from its largest ethnic minority

Soon, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture will be established in a major European city yet to be revealed. It’s time to look to us for guidance, solutions, and inspiration, writes Ethel Brooks.
Roma girls

Ombudsman fears EU’s Cohesion policy breaches fundamental rights

The European Ombudsman has sent a letter to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker with eight proposals to ensure that the EU's €350 billion Structural and Investment Fund does not support member state cohesion programmes which violate fundamental rights.

International Roma Day: A symbol of political unity

Some EU countries recognize the Roma as a national minority. However, they still remain racially discriminated against in education, employment, housing, and other societal domains, writes Martin Demirovski.

EU regrets Roma integration a long way off

There is still a long way to go for Roma integration in the EU, the European Commission said on the eve of International Roma Day, on Wednesday (8 April).
Economy & Jobs 05-02-2015

France evicts 300 Roma per week

There is no winter break in France's shanty towns, where 300 Roma are expelled every week. In 2014, France evicted four out of five slum-dwellers; a higher proportion than in any other European country. EURACTIV France reports
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EESC Civil Society Prize 2014

Since 2006, the EESC has been awarding the Civil Society Prize to European non-governmental associations which make a significant contribution to promoting European identity and integration. Through the award of this prize, the Committee strives to raise awareness of the substantial contribution which civil society organisations and individuals can make to the creation of a European identity and citizenship.

Roma NGOs win civil society prize

SPECIAL REPORT: Three civil society organisations from Slovakia, Greece, and the Czech Republic won the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) civil society prize Thursday (16 October) for outstanding achievements in integrating Roma at the local level.

Roma integration through social housing

SPECIAL REPORT: Governments and civil society should continue providing Roma with social housing, in oder to help them integrate locally, and reduce their travel between countries, says Valeria Atzori, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Adviser on Roma.

Roma MEP: We need trust before we can truly belong

SPECIAL REPORT: Soraya Post says she wants to create an intergroup on Roma in the European Parliament, and that Member States which do not respect the anti-discrimination directive should be sanctioned.
Swden shopping street

Civil society paves the way for Roma inclusion

SPECIAL REPORT: Europe’s largest minority continue to be marginalised and discriminated against despite EU initiatives to improve their well-being. Almost half of the existing ten million Roma in Europe live on the edge of poverty and the majority of them face social exclusion every day.

‘Blonde angel’ case: Don’t demonise ‘bad’ parents, look at the system

The case of Maria Ruseva, a Roma girl of Bulgarian nationality, reveals a wider tendency in society to want to demonise ‘bad’ parents.  But reality is never quite so simple, writes Jana Hainsworth.

France puts Roma issue on EU summit agenda

The French government will ask the Cyprus EU presidency to put the question of Roma inclusion on the agenda of the 18-19 October European summit, the government announced yesterday (22 August).