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Coronavirus 08-04-2020

The Roma are among most threatened by coronavirus in Europe

Roma and Travellers have long been known to fall through the social net and their situation has only worsened during the ongoing Covid-19 emergency, write Shannon Pfohman and Thomas Hackl.
Freedom of thought 12-04-2018

The EU should take a clear stand against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria

As Roma week 2018 comes to a close, Violeta Naydenova calls on the member governments and the Commission to use their influence to persuade the Bulgarian Presidency to increase their efforts against anti-Roma hatred in Bulgaria.
Freedom of thought 03-11-2017

Roma policies must tackle anti-Gypsyism

Two days ago, the European Parliament voted an important resolution aiming to fight anti-Gypsyism, the specific type of racism directed towards Roma, write Ismael Cortes and Anna Striethorst.
Development Policy 07-04-2017

Putting to bed Roma myths

Over the last two decades Valeriu Nicolae has heard many opinions about Roma. Here he dissects the best (!) of them.
Economy & Jobs 21-03-2017

Homelessness and housing exclusion have reached crisis levels in EU

With rising homelessness and housing deprivation across the European Union, now, more than ever, is the time for the Juncker Commission to bridge the disconnect with its most vulnerable citizens, writes Chloé Serme-Morin.
Digital 14-10-2016

Europe should put data at the service of society

Europe faces some daunting challenges – an aging population, sluggish growth, an influx of migrants and refugees – yet in the age of data-driven innovation, it also has powerful new tools to help address them, writes Nick Wallace.
Future EU 05-09-2016

EU institutions failing race equality drive

EURACTIV recently asked the European Commission whether the executive is too white, drawing attention to the surprising fact that the institution does not collect data on the ethnicity or religion of its officials. There is still a lot to be desired from the institutions’ push for diversity, writes Claire Fernandez.
Europe's East 06-05-2016

Turkey’s visa liberalisation: An insult to the EU’s eastern neighbours?

While the EU may think that remaining silent on the more challenging issues of the visa liberalisation deal might be a price worth paying for dealing with the refugee crisis, it reflects the bloc’s desperation, writes Igor Merheim-Eyre.

Europe can learn from its largest ethnic minority

Soon, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture will be established in a major European city yet to be revealed. It’s time to look to us for guidance, solutions, and inspiration, writes Ethel Brooks.

EU Roma Week: From words to action

European institutions should continue to put pressure on EU member states to ensure that national strategies to fight Roma discrimination are actually implemented on the ground, write Michaël Privot, Ruus Dijksterhuis and Karolina Mirga.

Roma driven to homelessness across Europe

Roma are being evicted from their homes across the European Union in systematic forced evictions. What is needed is the political will to use EU anti-discrimination laws to sanction member states guilty of leaving Roma homeless. 

Fighting school segregation in Europe

All member states align their anti-discrimination legislation with the EU Race Equality Directive. However, local and central institutions do not consistently enforce it, argue Margareta Matache and Arlen Fuller.

Roma integration: The EU has a role to play

On International Roma Day, Caritas Europa calls on the European Union to promote the full inclusion of Roma people across Europe, writes Shannon Pfohman. 

International Roma Day: A symbol of political unity

Some EU countries recognize the Roma as a national minority. However, they still remain racially discriminated against in education, employment, housing, and other societal domains, writes Martin Demirovski.

Addressing anti-Gypsyism must be a priority on International Roma Day

An important part of the fight against anti-Gypsyism is raising awareness of the history of past persecution of Roma minorities in Europe, writes Rokhaya Diallo.
Gypsy Kids
Future EU 30-06-2014

Call anti-Gypsyism by its name: Roma inclusion in the next European Parliament and Commission

The first step towards countering anti-Gypsyism is to recognise it as such, argues Martin Demirovski from ENAR, the European Network Against Racism, in an op-ed calling on the renewed European institutions to make the fight against this ever growing phenomenon in Europe a priority.

What France and the EU should do for Roma integration

The President and the Director of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), Chibo Onyeji and Michael Privot, send an open letter to EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault regarding the situation of the Roma in France.
Languages & Culture 26-08-2010

The plight of the Roma

Current treatment of the Roma is undermining European values, writes George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute.

Sarkozy chooses dishonour

Anti-immigration measures may come back to haunt French President NicolasSarkozy, writes Dominique Moïsi, author of The Geopolitics of Emotion.

Jobs boom in Bulgaria leaves Roma behind

If no investment is made to mobilise the economic potential of Europe's largest minority - the Roma - they will remain in a "poverty trap", while Bulgarian economic growth is threatened by a lack of workers, writes Nikoleta Popokostadinova for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network.
Enlargement 24-10-2005

Roma politics in Central Europe

Estimates of the size of the Roma population in Europe range from seven to nine million, almost the total population of many smaller European states. Approximately 70% of the Romas in Europe live in the new (and the potential) EU member countries. The author, Pál Tamás , analyses the situation of the Roma in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. His question is: could the EU influence effectively the Roma policy of the member states, especially the new ones? The article was published in  The Analyst , a new quarterly focussed on the key political, economic and social developments in Central Eastern Europe.
Enlargement 26-07-2004

Down on Zawiszy Street

The on-again, off-again relations between the majority and the Roma in one Polish town mirror the situation across Central Europe.
Enlargement 05-03-2004

Slovakia’s bankruptcy

The article looks at the Slovak government's economic policy approach in the light of the recent protests by the country's Roma population against social benefit cuts.