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Europe's East 11-03-2014

A new Munich infamy is building around Ukraine

The EU, which until recently preferred to influence the Ukrainian crisis with expressions of “deep concern” contributed to the escalation of tensions in Europe, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Energy 24-10-2013

Russian EU lobby irked by Ukraine re-buying its gas for less money

Attempts by Ukraine to shed its dependence on Russian energy by organising reverse gas flows from EU countries have been met with strong reactions from the pro-Russia lobby in the EU, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 23-09-2013

Russia’s response to Ukraine’s European choice: what is next?

Great hope remains that after the Vilnius Summit in November, Brussels will keep its word and will not leave Ukraine one on one with Russia, whose president, Vladimir Putin, will aspire for geopolitical revenge and a return of Kyiv to the Eurasian area at any price, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Europe's East 30-04-2013

Three scenarios for Ukraine

It is possible that EU-Ukraine relations could take a negative turn in the coming months, writes Roman Rukomeda, a Ukrainian independent political expert.
Global Europe 10-01-2013

Ukrainian impact on EU-Russia relations is getting stronger

Hopefully the process of European gas export to Ukraine this year will increase to the announced level because this will be a concrete, serious step to reduce Ukraine's Russian gas dependency, writes Roman Rukomeda.
Global Europe 10-12-2012

EU-Ukrainian Association Agreement: To sign or not to sign?

The leak of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (AA) turns the focus of their relations to a Shakespearean question: to sign or not to sign. And since Ukraine is ready to sign, it puts the onus on the EU, in the complex geopolitical games of Russia, Europe, the US and other influential international players, argues Roman Rukomeda.
Elections 26-10-2012

The elections in Ukraine: What’s next?

The Ukranian Parliamentary elections on Sunday (28 October) will not trigger improved relations between the EU and Ukraine. In fact they could make them worse, says Roman Rukomeda.
Central Asia 08-06-2012

A more assertive Russia: consequences for Ukraine

The geography of the first official visits of Russian President Vladimir Putin illustrates the priority status of his project for a Eurasian Union, argues Roman Rukomeda.
Central Asia 13-04-2012

People power in Ukraine

Even as Ukraine drifts towards ever-more authoritarian government, the people’s ability to challenge the authorities was illustrated recently by protests against the demolition of a historic squarter in Kyiv, says Roman Rukomeda.
Ukraine 07-03-2012

Democracy cannot be one-size-fits-all

Democracy will not necessarily deliver successful results when applied in the non-Western sphere. It can set general guidelines, but varieties will persist, writes Roman Rukomeda from Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy - People First.
Global Europe 08-02-2012

Multilevel Europe: A win-win for EU and Ukraine

A multilevel Europe is both a chance for the EU to survive and return to economic prosperity, while for Ukraine it opens new chances to get closer to the Union and envisage a shared future, writes Roman Rukomeda from Ukrainian foundation 'People First'.
Enlargement 21-12-2011

Portrait of the Ukrainian

Ukrainian society is in a state of transition from authoritarianism to a democracy of the European type. But, says Roman Rukomeda, do Ukrainians realise that the quality and speed of changes depend on their mentality and national character?
Global Europe 23-11-2011

Europe’s frontiers: The key to renewal?

The European Union has only one way out of the present financial, economic and institutional crisis: enlargement of its territorial borders bringing an infusion of 'new blood' and centralisation of management inside the EU, argues Dr Roman Rukomeda.

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