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  • Oettinger under fire over comments that Italy, Bulgaria and Romania are ‘ungovernable’

    News | Elections 31-05-2013

    Foreign affairs ministers of Italy, Bulgaria and Romania expressed outrage and requested explanations from Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, who said at a public event this week that the three EU countries had become “essentially ungovernable”. The EURACTIV network reports.

  • Barroso steps forward as Romanian election arbiter

    News | Central Europe 17-12-2012

    José Manuel Barroso’s congratulatory message following the recent parliamentary election in Romania carries two important messages: it tells President Traian B?sescu that he should re-appoint Victor Ponta as prime minister, and warns Ponta he should work with B?sescu instead of reviving efforts to impeach him.

  • Romanian leftist alliance wins absolute majority

    News | Central Europe 10-12-2012

    Exit polls showed Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's USL social-liberal alliance won a clear victory in the parliamentary election yesterday (9 December), strengthening his position in a power struggle with the country's rightist president.

  • Ponta: I’m still in disagreement with B?sescu

    Interview | Elections 01-10-2012

    Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta says he is still in conflict with President Traian B?sescu. The statement appears to augur for a new controversy over who will represent Romania at the 23-24 November EU summit.

  • European Socialists’ congress may shun Romania

    News | Elections 30-08-2012

    EXCLUSIVE: The Party of European Socialists (PES) are set to formalise a decision to move their Congress away from Bucharest, amid concerns over Prime Minister Victor Ponta's democratic credentials, EURACTIV can reveal.

  • Romanian court clears way for B?sescu return

    News | Central Europe 21-08-2012

    Romania's Constitutional Court ruled today (21 August) that the referendum held last month to remove President Traian B?sescu is invalid because turnout fell short of the required 50% threshold. Veteran politician B?sescu is now cleared to return in office, risking further confrontation with Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s government.

  • Romanian leaders fight over EU summit seat, Episode II

    News | Elections 14-06-2012

    With the 28-29 June EU summit approaching, recently elected Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta opened a new chapter in his conflict with President Traian B?sescu over who should represent the country at the EU leaders' table. EURACTIV Romania contributed to this article.

  • European Socialists call for early elections in Romania

    News | Central Europe 26-01-2012

    As protests against Romania's centre-right government and president continued for a second week, the Party of European Socialists called for a transitional government to be given the pivotal task of ensuring free and fair elections.

  • Romanian protests take nasty turn

    News | Central Europe 20-01-2012

    Romanian riot police fired tear gas at protestors who threw bricks and bottles back at them yesterday (19 January), as demonstrations against government austerity measures entered their second week.