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Economy & Jobs 19-10-2021

Life after COVID: EU re-thinks budget rules for new era

So often the source of rows between its members, the European Union starts reviewing its rules for national budgets to fit a post-pandemic reality of higher public debt and the huge costs of transitioning to a zero-emissions economy.

Migration crisis: Ex-Commission President Prodi blames European leaders

Romano Prodi points the finger at European politicians’ lack of action in the Libyan conflict, and its consequences for the migrant crisis. EURACTIV's partner Italia Oggi reports.
Future EU 27-03-2017

Prodi: Multi-speed Europe is an opportunity for France to step up

Sixty years after the Treaty of Rome, France’s role in Europe is more important than ever, former Italian Prime Minister and European Commission President Romano Prodi said in an interview with EURACTIV’s partner Ouest-France.
Economy & Jobs 03-03-2017

Monti: Germany and France caused the economic crisis

The economic crisis in the EU was caused by the two “most revered parents” of the euro, Germany and France, which in 2003 did not comply with the stability pact, Mario Monti said today (3 March).
Development Policy 28-09-2016

Health SDGs need to learn lessons of MDGs

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on Health, the EU should increase the priority afforded to health in development assistance, writes Frazer Goodwin.

Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, former Italian president and premier, dies

Former Italian president, prime minister and central bank governor Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who played a key role in guiding the country into the European single currency, has died, the government said on Friday (16 September).
Jean-Claude Juncker.
Elections 05-07-2016

How can the Commission president be replaced?

Nicholas Whyte contends that in the event of a vacancy at the top of the European Commission, the EPP vice-presidents are well-placed to fill it.
Global Europe 13-01-2015

Bulgaria puts forward Bokova’s candidacy for UN Secretary-General

The race for the post of UN Secretary-General is now open, after Bulgaria announced the candidacy of Irina Bokova for the post of UN Secretary General.
Philippe Van Parijs [Bibliotheek Kortrijk]
Languages & Culture 23-04-2014

Piazza Schuman!

How can we expect Europeans to cherish the European Union and its capital, if the public space that symbolises it is nothing but a shabby roundabout on a traffic axis? And yet former president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, said in 2001 that Rond-point Schuman should become "the meeting point of Europe; the piazza of the continent". Philippe Van Parijs gives his vision on how to embellish the heart of Europe's capital.
Elections 16-04-2013

Italy’s Monti, Bersani inch closer to agreement on new president

Outgoing Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani moved closer to agreement on Monday (15 April) on choosing a new president, a vital step to ending the stalemate created by an inconclusive election in February.
Brexit 24-10-2012

Prodi: EU isolationism heralds ‘grave difficulties’ for Britain

In a wide-ranging interview with EURACTIV.de, Romano Prodi, former European Commission President, says moves towards a two-speed European Union were now well underway. Regarding the UK's disengagement from Europe, his assessment is simple: Britain will lose influence and eventually face "grave difficulties".
Brexit 24-10-2012

Prodi: ‘Britain will become less powerful and face grave difficulties’

Romano Prodi, former president of the European Commission, shares his views with EURACTIV.de on the future of the single currency and moves towards a two-speed European Union. Regarding the UK's disengagement from Europe, his assessment is simple: Britain will lose influence and eventually face "grave difficulties".
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Economy & Jobs 07-02-2012

Maastricht Treaty turns 20 as euro crisis continues

Twenty years ago, leaders of the European Union put their signatures under a plan for one of the most ambitious steps in European integration.The single currency. The Maastricht Treaty enable the creation of the euro, which, despite all the negatives, has clearly carved out its place in the international currency markets. Former European Commissioner President Jacques Delors still sees the euro as a success story: Ten years after the launch of the physical notes and coins, however, it's clear that the Maastricht Treaty was not a complete success.
Elections 25-01-2008

Prodi resignation throws Italy into crisis

Italian prime minister and former Commission president Romano Prodi has resigned after losing a vote of confidence in the Senate. Opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi has called for new elections.
Elections 23-01-2008

Italy: Embattled Prodi government faces survival test

Romano Prodi, Prime Minister of Italy, has called a vote of confidence in Parliament after the departure of a junior government partner left his centre-left coalition without a clear majority in the Senate.
Future EU 25-07-2007

Prodi: Reform Treaty ‘best compromise we could get’

Italian PM and former Commission president Romano Prodi talks to EURACTIV Slovakia about the new EU Treaty and his desire for a stronger European Union. He believes that a two-speed integration is sometimes needed to go forward. 
Elections 01-03-2007

Prodi government wins confidence vote

The government of former Commission president Romano Prodi passed a crucial confidence vote in the Italian Senate, with a tight majority of 162 votes to 157.
Elections 26-02-2007

Prodi’s new government faces confidence vote

A vote in the Senate could bring former Commission president Romano Prodi back to power in Italy, following his resignation on 21 February.

Prodi resigns after losing Senate vote on foreign policy

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi handed in his resignation on 21 February 2007, after far-left members of the Senate defeated proposals to keep troops in Afghanistan and extend a US military base in Italy.
Future EU 14-10-2004

Prodi defends his record

In a speech before Parliament on 13 October, Romano Prodi gave his own assessment of his five year mandate at the head of the Commission.

Changes in Commission’s top management

President Prodi announced important changes at the top management of his institution