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  • Bulgaria, Romania Schengen bid faces delay

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 14-09-2010

    EU European affairs ministers yesterday (13 September) decided to extend monitoring on Romania and Bulgaria, which was put in place to tackle their poorly functioning judicial systems and inability to curb corruption. France said the majority of countries are opposed to Bucharest and Sofia's accession to Schengen until the monitoring has been lifted.

  • De Gucht apologises for having offended Jews

    News | Languages & Culture 06-09-2010

    European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht apologised on 3 September for comments he made about Jews in a recent interview. The European Commission distanced itself from the offensive statements, but that did not stop commentators and Jewish organisations from talking of a "new wave" of anti-Semitism and racism across Europe.

  • European far-right defends Sarkozy’s Roma policy

    News | Languages & Culture 03-09-2010

    Lawmakers from the far-right were the only ones to defend French President Nicolas Sarkozy's tough policies towards the Roma during a debate in the European Parliament yesterday (2 September).

  • France accuses Romania of dumping its Roma

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 01-09-2010

    Romania should not interpret freedom of movement in the EU as a right to get rid of its Roma at the expense of other countries, Pierre Lellouche, the French state secretary for European affairs, told the press yesterday (31 August) in Brussels, triggering a strong reaction from Bucharest.

  • Roma controversy rocks French cabinet

    News | Languages & Culture 31-08-2010

    French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, formerly a high-profile humanitarian activist, said he had considered resigning over the controversy sparked by the expulsions of Roma from France to their home countries, Bulgaria and Romania. Even Prime Minister François Fillon admitted he had "differences" with President Nicolas Sarkozy over his immigration policy.

  • Roma controversy kick-starts French election campaign

    News | Elections 27-08-2010

    Although the next French presidential elections are not until 2012 and French President Nicolas Sarkozy is yet to announce his intention to run for re-election, analysts argue that the forced repatriation of Roma to Bulgaria and Romania has in fact kick-started the election campaign.

  • Reding criticises France, Italy over Roma treatment

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 26-08-2010

    EU Commissioner Viviane Reding, responsible for justice, fundamental rights and citizenship, yesterday (25 August) criticised the French authorities for seeking solutions to immigration problems and tackling the Roma issue outside of an EU context. She also indirectly condemned Italy for its "discriminatory" and "inflammatory" rhetoric.

  • Opinion-maker: EU should adopt position on Roma controversy

    Interview | Languages & Culture 25-08-2010

    The European Commission has been remarkably silent over the treatment of Roma by France and Italy, Dominique Moïsi, founder and senior advisor at Ifri (the French Institute for International Relations), told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.

  • Parliament to open with debate on Roma

    News | Languages & Culture 25-08-2010

    The European Parliament's silence during the summer recess has been broken by liberal group ALDE, which called for a parliamentary debate on the Roma situation in Europe in early September, following France's move to expel members of that minority to their countries of origin, Romania and Bulgaria.

  • Commission closely following France’s Roma expulsions

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 19-08-2010

    The European Commission is following very closely France's dealings with its Roma, who the authorities are planning to expel in groups, Commission representatives said yesterday (18 August), after being asked by the Brussels press whether the expulsions were in line with EU legislation.

  • Sarkozy under fire for taking aim at Roma

    News | Languages & Culture 29-07-2010

    The French left joined human rights groups and specialised organisations in criticising an anti-delinquency initiative launched by French President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday (28 July), which is specifically targeted at the Roma community.