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Future EU 20-06-2022

Conference is ‘starting point’ for EU reform project

It is time to consider a change of EU treaties because the message delivered by European citizens is that "they like the European idea" but not the way the EU is functioning, Ilhan Kyuchyuk, the co-president of the European liberal party, told EURACTIV.

Russia says West ‘shot itself in the head’ with energy sanctions

Russia said on 16 June that the West had "shot itself in the head" by trying to limit energy imports from the oil and gas fields due to the Ukraine conflict, in contrast to China which has increased energy deliveries.
Global Europe 21-04-2022

Russian invasion has not shifted opinion: Ireland will remain neutral

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine has shifted moods in other parts of the EU, Ireland’s attachment to the policy of neutrality makes it unlikely that it will seek to join NATO in the future, writes Dick Roche.
Agrifood 21-04-2022

Small farmers: The unsung heroes of the Ukraine war

The war in Ukraine has thrown up concerns over food security, both in the war-torn country and elsewhere in the world. But the key to ensuring Ukraine's food supply may come from an unlikely place: small and medium-scale farmers.
Europe's East 08-04-2022

Russia laments ‘tragedy’ of troop deaths as Ukraine braces for major offensive

Russia gave the most damning assessment so far of its invasion, describing the “tragedy” of mounting troop losses and the economic hit from sanctions as Ukrainians were evacuated from eastern cities before an anticipated major offensive. Moscow’s six-week long incursion...
Global Europe 07-04-2022

Russia threatens states with consequences over UN vote on Human Rights Council

Russia has warned countries at the United Nations that a yes vote or abstention on a US push to suspend Moscow from the Human Rights Council will be viewed as an "unfriendly gesture" with consequences for bilateral ties.
Global Europe 04-04-2022

Germany expels 40 Russian diplomats in response to massacre in Ukraine

Germany announced the expulsion of 40 Russian diplomats on Monday (4 April) in response to the discovery of apparent mass graves and executed civilians in Bucha, near Kyiv, adding that it seeks to end all trade relations with Russia.

Germany to ship additional weapons to Ukraine after weeks of stalling

Germany is reportedly preparing to provide Ukraine with weaponry worth €300 million after weeks of protracting shipments from German weapon manufacturers.
Health 24-03-2022

COVID-19 and Ukraine war reversed gains in fighting tuberculosis

The global number of tuberculosis (TB) deaths increased last year for the first time in over a decade due to disruptions in vaccination and diagnosis created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Global Europe 14-03-2022

Ukraine war must end, sanctioned Russia’s fertiliser and coal king says

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy that must be stopped or there will be a global food crisis, as fertiliser prices worldwide are already too high for many farmers, Russia's coal and fertiliser king Andrei Melnichenko said.
Economy & Jobs 11-03-2022

France plants seed for joint EU borrowing scheme to absorb sanctions effects

European leaders emphasised at the informal European Council meeting in Paris the need to make the European economy more resilient and less reliant on Russian imports, with French President Emmanuel Macron proposing Recovery Fund-style joint borrowing at the EU level.
Global Europe 11-03-2022

As Ukraine invasion drags on, Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the green light on Friday (11 March) for up to 16,000 volunteers from the Middle East to be deployed alongside Russian-backed rebels to fight in Ukraine, doubling down an invasion that the West says has...
Global Europe 11-03-2022

Russia moves towards nationalising assets of firms that leave

Russia's ruling party, United Russia, said on Wednesday (10 March) that a government commission had approved the first step towards nationalising assets of foreign firms that leave the country in the wake of economic sanctions over Ukraine.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Russia legalises intellectual property piracy

The Russian government decided on Monday (7 March) that intellectual property rights should not be paid to patent holders from "unfriendly countries", which include, among others, all the 27 members of the EU.
Global Europe 08-03-2022

Bulgaria may seek exception to any EU sanctions on Russian gas and oil

Bulgaria supports sanctions on Russia as a means to halting its invasion of Ukraine, but will likely seek an exception on banning Russian natural gas and oil imports if such a proposal is put forward, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said.
Media 04-03-2022

Russia threatens to block access to Wikipedia

Russia's media watchdog is threatening to block access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia because of its entry on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is the latest in a series of crackdowns on free media coverage since the war broke out.