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Technology 14-03-2022

Russia multiplies fake reports to further escalate the conflict, senior EU official warns

Russia's attack on Ukraine is also being fought in the information space. While the narratives to justify the aggression have not changed significantly, the growing number of Russia's fake reports might be used to justify even more dramatic actions, a senior official of the EU's diplomatic service told EURACTIV.
Technology 02-03-2022

EU rolls out new sanctions banning RT and Sputnik

The EU has imposed economic sanctions on Russian state media outlets RT and Sputnik for what officials describe as their “essential and instrumental” role in bringing aggression towards Ukraine and destabilising neighbouring countries. 
Technology 01-03-2022

Platforms scale up efforts to tackle Russian war propaganda

Some of the world's biggest tech platforms are rolling out unprecedented actions designed to stem the tide of Kremlin-sponsored disinformation surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 
Disinformation 01-03-2022

Brussels looks to ban RT, Sputnik from EU over Ukraine disinformation concerns

The European Commission is seeking the "best legal way" to ban pro-Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik to stop their "toxic and harmful disinformation in Europe" following Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's pledge to ban them on Sunday (27 February).
Media 03-02-2022

Russia retaliates against Deutsche Welle over German RT ban

The Russian foreign ministry announced on Thursday (3 February) that German broadcaster Deutsche Welle's correspondent office in Moscow will be closed down to retaliate against the ban of Russia Today’s broadcasting service by German authorities.
Media 02-02-2022

Germany slaps broadcast ban on RT’s German-language service

German authorities have banned the broadcasting of Russia Today's German-language TV programme on Wednesday (2 February) because it lacked the necessary media licence. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Technology 21-10-2021

Russia’s Worldwide Influence Relies on YouTube

Without Silicon Valley's continuing goodwill, the Kremlin's information machine is in trouble.
Media 30-09-2021

Russia announces retaliation over RT YouTube ban

Russia is threatening to retaliate against German media and Youtube after the latter permanently deleted the account of the German offshoot of Russia Today (RT) for repeatedly breaking community guidelines on disinformation.  EURACTIV Germany reports.